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June 30, 2006

Quarter Finals

Germany v Argentina (1-1) (4-2 penalties) - Good match...shame it had to go to penalties. A good display ruined by the Argentinian scuffles at the end.

Italy v Ukraine (3-0) - A poor start to Ukraine, but came out pushing in the second half. Unfortunately it didn't seem as though any luck was going to go Ukraine's way.

England v Portugal (0-0) (1-3 penalties)
1st Half - Hmm...a bit more urgency from England for once. However, still messing up passes.
2nd half - What on earth was Rooney doing? I'm not surprised he was sent off after seeing the replay.
Penalties....the curse of England in international football...why can England not take penalties? Oh well...I can't say I'm surprised.

Brazil v France (0-1) - The holders out! The French pushed Brazil all the way, and looked the better team throughout.

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June 28, 2006

Non football....

I know, I know....lots of World Cup coverage...not enough other, here is the other stuff....starting with something slightly football related...

A warning to motorists...

While you may have noticed the Israeli armed forces starting to build up in order to rescue a kidnapped soldier from Hamas. What you might not have noticed, is that Israelis are frequently on the receiving end of rocket attacks...

The Big Pharaoh asks about outrage...

Freedom for Egyptians highlights the programming on Islamic Saudi television....

An interesting article from the Daily Telegragh - Dissident tells of assaults and threats against children during 66 days in jail run by Iran's clerical regime.

The Religious Policeman has called it a day..

Meryl Yourush links to Menachem Begin on Israel.

Jews in France are going to defend themselves...

Meryl has a comment about double standards towards Israel.

About Gaza and crisis.

Charles Moore on Cromwell's actions in 1656.

An article in Power Line about Arafat....(I can't remember where I got this from.)

Israel and Palestinian students.

Nick Flynn won't be charged for the breakage of the three Qing Dynasty vases at The Fitzwilliam Museum in January. I should think not.

A Tangled Web on racial profiling and why it works.

Also...remember that explosion on the beach in Gaza...and update. Article from the Washington Post.

CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) on the Charles Enderlin video of the beach explosion....

Who is Charles Enderlin? He is the France 2 reporter involved in the so-called Al-Dura affair....

Infidel Bloggers Alliance on a Brief History of Islamic Terror. Also a comment about the Palestinians.

Atlas Shrugs also looks at incident at the beach in Gaza.

Time Safari on Why I Am Not A Muslim. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Why it is so hard to be friends with a Muslim.

Sex slaves in the US...on trial...links to here.

A piece about Taslima Nasreem.

The Devil's Kitchen on Gordon's Taxes....all 80 of them.

An interesting article by Muriel Gray. (via Middle Class, Middle Aged, Middle England)

A number of articles by Simon Heffer....

Blair should have got it right by now.

A government of back-seat drivers.

Inside the weird and wonderful mind of Charles Clarke

..and finally....a pensioner sent to jail....for refusing to pay her council tax because of living conditions in her area.

Update - she was released after someone paid her fine.

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June 25, 2006

Last 16

Ok, so I didn't finish off the final matches of the groups...primarily because I missed too many of them....due to screen 2 at once, and being out on two occasions.

Anyhow...last 16

Germany v Sweden (2-0) - Cracking game. Although Sweden seemed to be all over the place, Germany have appeared to have stepped up a gear. As well they might....they play Arentina next.

Argentina v Mexico (2-1) - Now that is what the World Cup is about....two teams pushing hard to win. First match to go into extra time, and very nearly into penalties. The game could have gone either way, but Mexico proved themselves, and are a team to watch.

Italy v Australia (1-0) - Ok..this will be interesting. Indeed it looks like Italy cheated their way into the Quarter Finals...on TV replays it was a definite dive. Australia do not deserve to go home so early.

Switzerland v Ukraine (0-0) (0-3 penalties) Talk about a tight game. 1st match this tournament to go to penalties.

Ecuador v England (0-1) - The phrase here...'Put Up or Shut Up'. This is the opportunity for England to prove how good they are. No excuses.

1st half - what? They are managing to play worse than they did against Sweden. What is with the diving? They are lucky Ecuador haven't been able to take advantage.
In fact, what is with the dirty tackling? Are they seriously incapable of playing the game properly?

2nd half - You have got to be kidding. Good goal from Beckham, but England are incredibly lucky. Sloppy play will get punished from now on. I'm sorry but that was a pathetic display of England 'quality'.

Portugal v Holland (1-0) - Ouch..that was a rough game. Portugal get to play England next.

Brazil v Ghana - (3-0) -Poxy ITV commentators..writing Ghana off the instant the whistle blew. To be honest, I didn't expect Ghana to win. However, I didn't expect them to be thrashed, and so it appears.

Spain v France - (1-3) -A good game...apart from Thierry Henry doing some acting in order to get the free kick which led to goal #2.

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June 20, 2006

World Cup

Well this is the day that we find out how good the England team is but first.....

Ecuador v Germany - A fairly straightforward display by the Germans. So...Germany tops the England need to win to avoid playing them next.

Sweden v England - Says it all really....two times England were ahead, and two times Sweden equalised. With Owen injured and unlikely to play for quite a while, England have to up their game...Rooney & Crouch have to be able to work well...especially seeing as Walcott is unlikely to be in a game, despite a perfect opportunity yesterday.

My prediction stood quite well...lets face it, Sweden could have won it. Anyhow...Ecuador next....don't underestimate them.

Costa Rica v Poland - Well, I can't watch 2 matches at the same time. Anyone know what it was like?

Paraguay v Trinidad & Tobago - Didn't see this one either...for the same reason.

Random question - Can any American readers enlighten me on what 'metric football' is? I've been reading a few blogs, and I keep coming across this game. What is it?

p.s. - another random question....why are certain Americans so hostile towards football?

Wednesday 21st June

Portugal v Mexico

Iran v Angola

Holland v Argentina

Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro

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June 18, 2006

World Cup part 3

Friday 16th June

Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro - Can you say football? Now that was a thrashing. Probably the bookies favourite to win now, although you never know at the World Cup.

Netherlands v Ivory Coast - Good match.

Mexico v Angola - I bet that was a shock. Being booed off the field after the match has to be a bit of a bad sign for the Mexicans.

Saturday 17th June

Portugal v Iran - I didn't see this one, but it appears Portugal didn't have too much trouble in this match.

Czech Republic v Ghana - Missed most of the 1st half, but what I saw was impressive. I think the African nations are beginning to catch up. Probably the shock of the tournament.

Italy v USA - Well...what can you say....3 red cards, only the 4th time this has happened since '98. To be honest, I reckon this would have been a win for the USA. Italy were pretty much on the back foot, and had to resort to quite blatant cheating to stay level. A major improvement for the USA team, who played with passion and some nice touches, playing with 2 men down and holding the game level is worth a mention in anyone's book.

Quietly, I hope that the USA can get through to the last 16 because after that performance, I think they deserve it.

Sunday 18th June

Japan v Croatia - a good game. The players looked knackered towards the end.

Brazil v Australia - Well that was interesting...I think Australia did a good job.

France v South Korea - Could France be going out of this World Cup? South Korea did well to keep them contained as well as equalise.

Monday 19th June

Togo v Switzerland - A fairly straightforward match for the Swiss.

Saudi Arabia v Ukraine - Well that might have eased fears over being thrashed by Spain in the first game.

Spain v Tunisia - Well...that was a late rally by the Spanish...almost the upset of the tournament.

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June 15, 2006

Manchester 1996

On the 15th June 1996, the IRA detonated a bomb in Manchester city centre, just next to Marks & Spencer's.


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World Cup cont.

Wednesday 14th June

Spain v Ukraine - Well the Ukraine got a major shock in that one. The sending off was a little harsh, but when shown from the referee's angle, it was a legitimate call. Regardless of that decision, Spain ran rings around them. A potential final candidate?

Tunisia v Saudi Arabia - Although seemingly out of it, Tunisia got that last goal to equalise. To be honest, a fairly even match between the two.

Germany v Poland - One that Poland had to win to continue in the Cup...sadly a late goal from Germany sealed their fate.

Thursday 15th June

Ecuador v Costa Rica - A convincing win, enabling Ecuador to progress to the second round for the first time.

England v Trinidad & Tobago - Well, I almost got my prediction right...83 minutes until the first goal. To be honest, England were let off today. Trinidad & Tobago held them at bay quite convincingly, and threatened a few times. England basically played the same as they did against Paraguay.

If they continue in that vein, they are going to have their arses handed to them on a plate, because for the most part, every other team that has played has been far more convincing. There was some shoddy passing, and letting the ball get too far from their feet.

Sweden v Paraguay - A bit of a hard fought match.

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June 13, 2006

World Cup

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm watching the World Cup, and so far, so good. Good games all round (ish) but you know what I mean.

Friday 9th June

Germany v Costa Rica - Good game...Germany were a little shaky in defense, which will have to be worked on, but a solid win.

Poland v Ecuador - Another fast paced game.

Saturday 10th June

England v Paraguay - Unlike a lot of people, I am incredibly cynical about England coverage, because I believe England are incredibly overhyped, and this game proved it. They started strong, and got a lucky goal off Beckham. The second half proved to be typical England..start off strong, then apparently lose interest. They were lucky that Paraguay were unable to get focused and punish for that lack of interest. More on England later.

Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden - Impressive match by both teams. They both pushed hard, and were pushed hard in defending the goal area. I'd say this is a good showing for Trinidad & Tobago, and expect them to play hard in their remaining games.

Argentina v Ivory Coast - A bit of a scrappy game, with plenty of Argentinian theatrics. One day they will not be successful in their acting ability and will be punished for it. Until then however..... A good showing from the Ivory Coast...I hope they push hard in their remaining group matches.

Sunday 11th June

Serbia & Montenegro v Holland - Quite surprising that there weren't more goals to be honest.

Mexico v Iran - Iran started well, but were eventually outclassed by Mexico.

Angola v Portugal - A good showing from Angola, pushing Portugal hard throughout the match.

Monday 12th June

Australia v Japan - Well this definitely looked like a Japanese win....until 3 gobsmacking goals in the final few minutes sealed a Socceroos win. A team to watch I suspect.

USA v Czech Republic - A bit of a thrashing to be honest. The USA seemed outclassed, and possibly unprepared for this match. I don't know if this is due to the lack of international experience in the squad, or underestimating their group opposition. More below.

Italy v Ghana - It may be an Italian win, but they had to work for it.

Tuesday 13th June

South Korea v Togo - Interesting match. South Korea obviously had a bit of a major half time chat....because they made up for the goal they conceded. Sitting on the ball late on was a bit of a shame....even their fans thought it was a bit much.

France v Switzerland - A bit of a stalemated game. No real flair from the French, and Switzerland did well to keep France contained.

Brazil v Croatia - What a match...1-0 says it all. Croatia did not back down once. If England come up against either of these two, a loss is probably guaranteed.


England - I seriously expect England to get a draw on Thursday, and as for Sweden, I expect a draw or a loss. Why? They aren't good enough. If they manage to play a competetive 90 minutes in either match, I might be surprised, but so far, they have played to form. It was like this at the last World Cup, and at Euro 2004. Push and then let it go. I may be proved wrong, but if they play like this, there is no chance in getting past the second round, because every other team that has played so far with punish them repeatedly.

USA - Having read comments on CNNSI, it appears that there has been a lot of hype with the USA team. Also, it appears that there is a lot of indifference by the US the fact that it is often seen as an after-school girls sport. I's FOOTBALL...not soccer...and it is a WORLD this is the World Cup. Until it is treated like the major sport and event that it is, I don't expect the USA to make much headway. Perhaps more players in Europe, and maybe getting European coaches would improve things in significant areas.

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June 08, 2006

Up to date

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but Blogger threw a wobbly....anyhow...

Just a couple of articles to mention :

funeral of Nishi Patel-Nasri was held.

Article from last week....Simon Heffer on
David 'call me Dave' Cameron.

Who is
accountable these days?

Shaun Bailey on the prevalence of

Iraqi students are dragged off buses and murdered.

Yvonne Ridley, who converted to Islam after being kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan
has said, "I don't think the Muslim community should communicate with the police any more until they start showing some respect."

I had a long rant posted here, but I decided not to run with it.....all I can say is with comments like that, is it any wonder people are increasingly wary of Muslims?

I am not going to go on and on about ROONEY! like everyone else will be...I personally don't think he will be fit enough to play. As for whether England will do well in the World Cup...I have no idea. If they play like they normally do, they'll be out before the quarter finals. If they play with the mindset to win, scoring goals at every opportunity...then they might do it.

Actually....flash poll!!

Will England make the Final, or will they get kicked out before? Let me know. he is fit....allegedly....well he has six weeks of training to catch up on now. Starts tomorrow...Germany v Costa Rica.

Oh I just love headlines like this -
DNA database is shared overseas". Does anyone think that there is any point to the ID database when information is already being handed over to anyone who wants it....obviously officially, but is it accurate?

Breaking news!! It appears that al-Zarqawi may have been killed.

BBC, Sky News, CNN reports.

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June 03, 2006


Well....what to talk about? No idea....I am on a can't be bothered mode at the needless to say I am behind on my reading..

I'll say more tomorrow.

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