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Enrico Fermi

June 28, 2006

Non football....

I know, I know....lots of World Cup coverage...not enough other, here is the other stuff....starting with something slightly football related...

A warning to motorists...

While you may have noticed the Israeli armed forces starting to build up in order to rescue a kidnapped soldier from Hamas. What you might not have noticed, is that Israelis are frequently on the receiving end of rocket attacks...

The Big Pharaoh asks about outrage...

Freedom for Egyptians highlights the programming on Islamic Saudi television....

An interesting article from the Daily Telegragh - Dissident tells of assaults and threats against children during 66 days in jail run by Iran's clerical regime.

The Religious Policeman has called it a day..

Meryl Yourush links to Menachem Begin on Israel.

Jews in France are going to defend themselves...

Meryl has a comment about double standards towards Israel.

About Gaza and crisis.

Charles Moore on Cromwell's actions in 1656.

An article in Power Line about Arafat....(I can't remember where I got this from.)

Israel and Palestinian students.

Nick Flynn won't be charged for the breakage of the three Qing Dynasty vases at The Fitzwilliam Museum in January. I should think not.

A Tangled Web on racial profiling and why it works.

Also...remember that explosion on the beach in Gaza...and update. Article from the Washington Post.

CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) on the Charles Enderlin video of the beach explosion....

Who is Charles Enderlin? He is the France 2 reporter involved in the so-called Al-Dura affair....

Infidel Bloggers Alliance on a Brief History of Islamic Terror. Also a comment about the Palestinians.

Atlas Shrugs also looks at incident at the beach in Gaza.

Time Safari on Why I Am Not A Muslim. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Why it is so hard to be friends with a Muslim.

Sex slaves in the US...on trial...links to here.

A piece about Taslima Nasreem.

The Devil's Kitchen on Gordon's Taxes....all 80 of them.

An interesting article by Muriel Gray. (via Middle Class, Middle Aged, Middle England)

A number of articles by Simon Heffer....

Blair should have got it right by now.

A government of back-seat drivers.

Inside the weird and wonderful mind of Charles Clarke

..and finally....a pensioner sent to jail....for refusing to pay her council tax because of living conditions in her area.

Update - she was released after someone paid her fine.

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