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June 18, 2006

World Cup part 3

Friday 16th June

Argentina v Serbia & Montenegro - Can you say football? Now that was a thrashing. Probably the bookies favourite to win now, although you never know at the World Cup.

Netherlands v Ivory Coast - Good match.

Mexico v Angola - I bet that was a shock. Being booed off the field after the match has to be a bit of a bad sign for the Mexicans.

Saturday 17th June

Portugal v Iran - I didn't see this one, but it appears Portugal didn't have too much trouble in this match.

Czech Republic v Ghana - Missed most of the 1st half, but what I saw was impressive. I think the African nations are beginning to catch up. Probably the shock of the tournament.

Italy v USA - Well...what can you say....3 red cards, only the 4th time this has happened since '98. To be honest, I reckon this would have been a win for the USA. Italy were pretty much on the back foot, and had to resort to quite blatant cheating to stay level. A major improvement for the USA team, who played with passion and some nice touches, playing with 2 men down and holding the game level is worth a mention in anyone's book.

Quietly, I hope that the USA can get through to the last 16 because after that performance, I think they deserve it.

Sunday 18th June

Japan v Croatia - a good game. The players looked knackered towards the end.

Brazil v Australia - Well that was interesting...I think Australia did a good job.

France v South Korea - Could France be going out of this World Cup? South Korea did well to keep them contained as well as equalise.

Monday 19th June

Togo v Switzerland - A fairly straightforward match for the Swiss.

Saudi Arabia v Ukraine - Well that might have eased fears over being thrashed by Spain in the first game.

Spain v Tunisia - Well...that was a late rally by the Spanish...almost the upset of the tournament.

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