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Enrico Fermi

April 30, 2006


An Englishman's Castle links to an article in the Telegraph Money section about how business could teach politicians a thing or two.

Drinking From Home has a
couple of links about Prescott.

Boris Johnson has an interesting piece about Labour's view of
law & order. Diary of a Bow Street Runner also comments....he isn't happy.

Simon Heffer in yesterdays Telegraph asked...what do you expect from
men on the make? Also he mentions that David Blunkett also had his part to play in the ongoing scandal.

Michael Howard has one thing to say...'
If Labour had any honour, Clarke would go.' Of course there is more....yes apparently 2500 foreign criminals have been allowed to stay. Criminals? What criminals? Perhaps the problems start from the top...even though he might have to sack Charles Clarke.

I have a better idea....get rid of the lot of them. They have to go....incompetence should not be tolerated.

Those elections are coming.....which are
wide open to fraud....because the Government won't do anything about it.

EDIT - I almost forgot.....
council tax is likely to surge....with the possibility of even more if you have a nice view, or even extensions....thanks to Prescott.


Flogging The Simian on being an expatriate American looking in.

The Big Pharaoh on judgement

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April 28, 2006

Late Comment

Devil's Kitchen points out yet another reason why the Tories aren't going to win the election.

He has added to his list of things about Charles Clarke that he doesn't like....namely
he's incompetant.

While we're talking about Charles Clarke...apparently we are

Patricia Hewitt is apparently a '
walking advert for Disability Allowance'.

As for Tony Blair....well The Devil's Kitchen
makes quite a strong point....because of this...comment here. comments here.

The state of the
NHS.(via Tim Worstall)

Apparently New Labour is going

You will no doubt recall the suicide attacks on Dahab the other day. However, did you hear about the
attack 2 days later? I caught it as a breaking news item on Sky News, but only briefly. It was only because I read Sandmonkey that I knew I hadn't imagined it.

I'm not talking about Prescott, because lets face it, it's everywhere.

Ok, that's all for now.

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April 26, 2006

20th Anniversary

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the Chernobyl accident.

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April 25, 2006


Jeremy Thompson's weblog on Sky News is 6 months old.

It appears that Eurovision will be interesting for once this year....because of the Finn's entry....
The Devil's Kitchen has a good post about
Jack Idema.

AS you will probably have gathered from his posts on here, The Devil's Kitchen
doesn't like Charles Clarke much. Well Tim Worstall has apparently lost his rag as well with the rancorous thug.
While we're talking politics...
Abolish the Welfare State.

The Devil's Kitchen also has something to say about the
honour killings in Germany.

Politicalog talks about
passing exams.

The Joy of Curmudgeonry has a piece on the
Monarchy. (via The Devil's Kitchen)

Meryl Yourish has a good post....about Palestinian
terrorist bombs. (via Michelle Malkin)

A piece about

Child abuse.

AbbaGav on
chat-up lines...

It is said that Hamas should learn the
cost of terrorism...(via Isaac Schrödinger)

Also by Isaac...a piece about the Islamist

Western Resistance on Islam's continuing respect of other faiths...this time bulldozing the Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman, a Hindu Temple in

In Tehran, the police have been ordered to arrest women who dress

Morality laws in Indonesia.

An amusing
cartoon at Zipperfish....via (Western Resistance).

France's airport security is a little

While we're on France, they want to
control information on the web.

North Ossetia is being threatened by
Muslim extremists.

Bill Sticker has a funny couple of items to check

Alittle bit of local news for a change. I don't know if you've heard, but apparently The Syndicate is closed....permanently, although the site has an
announcement saying they are closed for redevelopment.

TVR appears to be
going to the wall. An End of An Era?

It is even covered in the
national magazines, clubs and enthusiast publications.

So, Blackpool
isn't finished.....

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April 24, 2006


I was going to do another post but then I heard about the terrorist attacks in Egypt.

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April 23, 2006

St George's Day

Today is the celebration of Saint George, the Patron Saint of England, who slew the terrible Dragon.

Take the time to celebrate this day, and show pride in your country. Ignore those who would stop you from flying the Cross of St. George, the symbol of our great country.

Be proud to be English. You are one of a kind and tolerant people. Take back our flag from people who have sullied its great name. St. George for England!!

Historic Figures : St George - BBC History
Religion & Ethics : St George - BBC
St George's Day - A Day For England
Wells Bombardier

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April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy 80th Birthday Your Majesty.

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April 20, 2006

More Stuff.

Tuesday the 17th April was the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake which hit San Francisco killing around 3000 people.

Nepal is getting

article by James Loney, one of the Canadians rescued alongside Norman Kember. (via Depleted Uranium)

The Devil's Kitchen on
The Euston Manifesto.

Also by TDK, a comment about the Tory party
losing the working class. While we're talking about political parties, here is one to avoid. Talking about ones to avoid, apparently the Conservatives had nothing to say about the BNP.

While we're on British politics...
Alan B'Stard is back....

Sandmonkey refers to the
French political system.

Some 60 scientists wrote a letter to the Canadian government with regard to their policy on so-called
climate change. (via The Devil's Kitchen)

Isaac Schrödinger refers to The Big Pharaoh about the sectarian riots in Egypt.

According to the Hamas #2, Mohammed Abu Tir,
Jews control US Christianity amongst other things. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Everybody fears Mohammed. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Muslims are still
killing people in Thailand.

Freedom for Egyptians has a few interesting pieces to consider...

Muslims and Christians Clash following Churches Attacks in Alexandria, Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Akef says “Fuck Egypt”

Sectarian Clashes Continue in Alexandria for the third day, One Muslim Dies

Security Solution is No Longer an Option for Copts' Persecution

Sandmonkey's view on the clashes is a

Mumbo Jumbo on
boycotts....she is less than impressed.

Sandmonkey has a look at

Sandmonkey again refers to the following...Losing my Religion.

How to Lose Your Job at a Saudi Newspaper. (via Terrorism Unveiled)

Cox & Forkum on
Hamas's response to the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Spy Blog has a piece about the
Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill also known as the Abolition of Parliament.

The Sleepy Policeman has the list....
SRO's Laws of Policing.

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April 16, 2006


Why the title? Well this is stupidly long. Why? Well I took a couple of days off from reading blogs, and when I did get round to it there were quite a few posts worthy of mention. Admittedly there are a lot from Western Resistance, but they have a lot to say.

Isaac Schrödinger considers the
Ultimate Act of Blasphemy. Islamic law denies basic human rights.

Article 18.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

Also relevant is Article 30:

"Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein."
Quotes from the UN

Isaac Schrödinger has a piece on
Islamic discipline.

Also a piece on how Saudis treat
their foreign workers.

Apparently Egyptians are going down the route towards
killing apostates. More here and Sandmonkey's take. It looks like they were all emailed. Still in Egypt, three Coptic churches in Alexandria were attacked by Muslims, 1 Christian was killed, with about a dozen more injured. Sandmonkey has more here as does Freedom for Egyptians.

Western Resistance again with reports of a rape victim who was
flogged in Bangladesh.

Another case where a woman was gang-raped due to a fatwa in Pakistan, the perpetrators of which have apparently been released without charge....
her life is now in danger.

Apparently you can marry daughters off
before they are born in Pakistan. A brave woman is fighting her 'marriage' to a man agreed when she was only 1 year old.

More on Pakistan.

In Germany, Ayhan Surucu was
convicted of the murder of his elder sister because she lived 'like a German'. Leilouta comments.

A Muslim father in Singapore
pleaded guilty to raping several of his daughters.

Looks like the Australians are trying to remove the
Imam of Lakemba Mosque in Sydney. Still in Australia, a Muslim teacher in Perth is described as peaceful apparently.

In America and interesting case involving the Oakland, California based group, the
Black Muslims.

Family abuse.

Eritrea obviously
doesn't like Christians very much. The Religious Policeman has a comment about fish.

Apparently we can't use the phrase
'Islamic Terrorism'. Why not?

Interestingly the mullah of a mosque in Naftalan, Azerbaijan has been arrested for
selling marajuana.

Apparently the Iraqi beauty queen has
resigned due to death threats.

Two more of the Muslim-led gang that for 3 weeks tortured and eventually killed a 23 year old Jewish French man, Ilan Halimi have
surrendered to the police.

In India, there have been clashes between
Shias and Sunnis.

Still in India, the 17th Century Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi has been on the receiving end of
several explosions.

The Religious Policeman apparently hasn't been
invited to the party...not that he's that bothered.

An interesting piece for the accomodations for the
Saudi team for the World Cup.

The Big Pharaoh has
something to say.

Dangerously Subversive Dad has
something to say about the situation regarding Iran.

TottenhamLad has a competition....
Spot the 'Racist'.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a piece on Muhammad Abu al-Hawa, an Arab man
murdered by Palestinians and later buried in a 'traitors grave' for selling property to Jews.

More at the
Times - "The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades claimed responsibility, saying that a similar fate awaited traitors who sold to Jews land or property in Arab east Jerusalem."

Don't vote Labour. Check
this out from BackingBlair.

Alton Towers is having RFID tags in the
visitor wristbands.

The Daily Ablution has an interesting
piece on CND amongst others.

Sky News has an interesting video on the dark side to
China's booming economy.

Apparently Russia is happy to
fund Hamas.

Samanth Burns has an interesting comment on
education...or not.

Pub Philosopher has a good piece on the 400th birthday of the British Flag on the
12th of April...known to many as the Union Jack.

A Very British Dude tells
what your car says about you.

Have a listen to the
Psychiatric Hotline. (via Mental Nurse) has a campaign :
ID Cards On Trial. Important reading. (via Not Little England).

Chicken Yoghurt has a piece on the

If you managed to read to here...CONGRATULATIONS! Go, read and inwardly digest...consider the implications. Thanks for taking an afternoon out of your schedule to read this. I'll try not to do it again.

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April 14, 2006


Ok, I am tweaking the blog to try and tidy it up a little. Is there anything that seems glitchy?

First off....can you see my banner? I can see it ok on Opera, but not in Firefox or IE. It is a GIF file, so you should be able to see it....if not, what browser are you using?

Update : No, it doesn't like it. More tweaks to old banner it is for the moment.

Update #2 : Ok, I have a banner...just not a GIF one. Oh well....tweaking to continue...hopefully I can get my animated one working shortly.

Update #3 : Success!!

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April 12, 2006


A few things to mention, not necessarily in any order or even right up to date:

Richard Holmes is a little angry with the lack of
knowledge of the military.

Chicken Yoghurt has a huge list of reasons
not to vote Blair.

Boris Johnson has a piece on the French...via
Air France.

Bow Street Runner has a look at the
state we're in.

Baron Bodissey has an interesting post up at the Gates of Vienna:
I'm a Terrorist Groupie, Hear Me Roar. A definite must read. has news....
from the future.

Michelle Malkin has a piece on a race hate crime.....
They screamed: 'Get Whitey!'

Whilst we're talking about race hate,
here is a case in London.

A Good Samaritan has spoken of his disgust after a dying man was heckled by yobs.
Travis Marshall, 42, tried in vain to save an elderly driver who had a heart attack at the wheel and careered into a bus.

But as the victim took his last breath, sick youths in tracksuits and hoods clashed with police and yelled: "He is just a white man."

Mr Marshall, who performed emergency CPR on the man in St James's Road, Bermondsey, last Friday, said: "It was sickening. Here you had a dying man, people trying to save him and police trying to clear the scene. Then there were these black youths and all they wanted to do was fight the cops. They were saying, 'You think I am scared of you because of your uniform'.

"I told them to have some respect because a man was dying and they shouted, 'Who cares - it's just a white man'."

Mr Marshall told how a black woman next to him pleaded with cops to arrest the youths.

He said: "These people should be ashamed to walk the streets. I would try to help someone whatever their colour. You can't print what I really think of them. They are scum - scum of the earth."

Michael Totten has an
open letter to Hezbollah. (via Sandmonkey)

Still with Sandmonkey...a post about
Dr. Hassan Al Turabi.

Agora has a piece on
Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a journalist in Denmark. All is not as it appears.

The Religious Policeman has a post on a
surprise visit to a Saudi journalist.

Cheeky Monkey says
bring back the birch. If the pictures don't makes you wince, I don't know what's wrong with you.

icLiverpool has an article about the
Wirral Egg Run. (via Nanny Knows Best)

A handful of posts worth reading from FaithFreedom:

Why Judaism is Superior to Islam
How Much Does The Quran Rely on Fear? And What’s Love Got to Do with It?
“Moderate” Muslims Muddy the Waters
Will the Internet Slay Islam?

Now for something a little lighter:


Right now, pagans are plotting to spoof a powerful petticoat. My carnivore and Pritt-Stick are flummoxed, and copper wires that I work with may be stout.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer, and this is the most sobbing rat of my life. (via
24 Dreaming)

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April 09, 2006


Congratulations to Charles and Camilla on their first anniversary.

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Ok, so you might have noticed that I haven't posted on a couple of things recently, primarily because others have talked about it. Namely the bombing of a major Shia shrine in suicide bombers dressed as women.

The other was the murder of the nurse whilst going for a break.

Anyhow, something else has caught my attention...namely
we're all doomed. DOOMED!! it me or has the Government and the press finally lost the plot? Birds get flu every year. How many people have died from bird flu? Someone must have a isn't much. In an earlier post I can't be bothered to link to, I mentioned that approximately 12,000 people die a year in the UK from bog standard flu. That should be of more concern, but that would mean being sensible, and you know that isn't going to happen.

Let's face it, who are the people that are catching this flu and dying? That's right, people who are practically sleeping with the sodding birds. Now how many people can put their hand up and say they share a room with about 200 birds? Anyone?

Exactly, so the chances of the rest of us getting it has to be pretty remote I would have thought.

As for the Government, does anyone trust the Labour Party? I am asking you people, do not vote Labour back in unless you want to be a citizen of a true dictatorship. Yes, the Labour Party seem intent on denying us the very rights that make the UK what it is.

Tell Tony where to go....and his mate Gordon too. Talking of Gordon, as and when Tony leaves (if ever), why should Gordon Brown be the next leader? What happened to leadership elections? Besides, would you trust Gordon Brown?


Labour are a wunch of bankers, and corrupt, lying bastards as well.

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April 08, 2006

Wandering News

Simon Heffer has a few things to say generally. He doesn't have anything good to say about Dave though.

The Gates of Vienna reckons that Reavers are
already here...

According to Pakistan, terrorism is the fault of
Jews and Hindus. Pardon?

Pedestrian Infidel also mentions the
plight of the Kalasha, a Greek community, believed to date from the time of Alexander the Great, in a remote area of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan.

Mr Angry has come up with an interesting resolution to

He also has a thing or two to say about those
bathroom attendents in clubs these days.

The Devil's Kitchen has a low opinion of celebrity faces pimping for the Labour's
Patrick Stewart.

DK also mentions a
proposal by Right For Scotland.

Michelle Malkin on the wonderful world of the Department for Homeland Security....
it's a mess.

While we're with Michelle Malkin, have you heard about the
South Park episode? Check it out at The Political Pit Bull.

Iraq The Model on newspapers in Baghdad....or
perhaps not. (via Isaac Schrödinger) Is that a bad sign or not? The final sentence is probably a ray of light:

"This is one more time that makes me feel happy we have the internet and the means to use it."

Sandmonkey has a thing to say about
The Arab Blogistan.

Also...things are really
bad in Iraq.....

Continuing with Sandmonkey a further post on
Female Genital Mutilation.....and it is not good at all. Like he says..

"WTF is wrong with these people?"

Mind you, he reckons he is
doomed anyway. The Big Pharaoh comments,

"God does not need protection"

Neferteeti says
how enlightened the Egyptian authorities are.

Still with Egypt, Freedom for Egyptians has a piece on the
fatwa against idols.

Tim Blair on the scourge of
bellydancing in the 'Palestinian territories'. Leilouta has more.

Big Pharaoh notes that Danes
don't respect Muslims now. Pretty obvious why though.

Pedestrian Infidel asks, "
What would truly 'Moderate Islam' look like?" He isn't expecting much though.

On a lighter note..Vitriolica has found an
old picture.

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April 05, 2006


A rare second post...because there is always something worth talking about...

Gene Pitney has

Is anyone surprised that Denis Donaldson has been
executed? Peace is a relative term in Northern Ireland.

So, remember Nick Flynn....who tripped over his shoelace and ended up knocking over and smashing some
Qing Dynasty vases? Well, he's just been arrested.....a police spokesman said,

"A 42-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with an incident at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on January 25."

So let me get this right, a guy who trips over his laces and hits 3 unprotected vases (estimated value, when not in smithereens, £100,000) on a staircase, vases which incidentally
weren't insured is guilty of criminal damage? Does anyone see the logic of this situation?

There is a reason why people are warned not to take drugs like ecstasy.....
brain damage.

Simon Heffer warns about in the UK. I guess the Labour Party want to be in power for ever. I don't think so you power hungry bastards.

Continuing with the Labour theme, Patricia Hewitt visited the University Hospital of North an eye theatre, closed for the past 10 months which has been
reopened specially. I guess the NHS really is up shit creek if you have to resort to stuff like that.

I see David Cameron has
had a go at UKIP. Nice one you moron. Why aren't you in the Labour Party? After all you seem to be copying them a lot these days. I suspect UKIP will get a few more votes this time around.

Politicians? What a wunch of bankers.

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Huge Post on Various Things

Ok, I've been catching up after a couple of days not keeping this is going to be a long one. I hope you've got a drink and something to eat.

First off...The Devil's Kitchen has got it in for Charles Clarke....last

An interesting article from The Guardian about the Labour Party, they need a mission not a monarch apparently. (via
Tim Worstall)

questions the honesty of Home Office Minister Andy Burnham. Mind you he doesn't like David "My Blog cost £6200" Milliband.

You may have heard that Borders, an American bookstore, a little like WHSmith I suppose, refused to stock a magazine called The Secular Humanist because it showed those cartoons. It got a fair bit of stick from various sources...however, they are hitting back...a
letter from the boss. (via Tim Worstall)

The Devil's Kitchen reckons we're all doomed.....not. Yes, the
issue of CJD has reared it's ugly head once again. Dangerously Subversive Dad asks the obvious question..."Why Aren't We All Dead Yet Then?"

Still in the vein of disease, a rant about

The Devil's Kitchen has a rant about that public sector
strike the other day....not impressed with them at all.

Still with The Devil's Kitchen...a
warning for the future...starting with the ban on smoking in Scotland. Bawbags has a comment as well.

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."
— 1984, George Orwell.

Blues and Twos notes that the police chiefs fear coming under Whitehall control.

On to something altogether more unpleasant....
selling your daughter in India. Links to Bookdrunk.

Apparently it is ok to
beat women in Africa. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a good piece by Pedestrian Infidel,
From Jihadist to Human. It is in 6 parts.

Isaac Schrödinger on the slaughter at
Banu Quraiza by Mohammed.

Isaac Schrödinger again, knows
the key. He links to the Honour Killings article below as well as a number of previous posts on the of which links to a letter from Saudi's still happening.

Honour Killings at
Terrorism Unveiled.

Sandmonkey has a piece on
female genital mutilation. Just to prove how out of touch Islamic scholars are from reality, Dr. Muhammed Wahdan provides the following quote to the question :

Interviewer: Is this what happens in reality?

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: I have no relation to reality. I am talking about how things should be.

Interviewer: You are a religious sheik, from Al-Azahar University. You cannot say you have no relation to reality.

Dr. Muhammad Wahdan: Reality is a mistake, we must rectify it.

Pardon?? You heard it people, he said he has no relation to reality. Also, reality should apparently be rectified. You what? Anyone know how to rectify reality round here? Well that explains quite a few things doesn't it?

Leilouta has something to say about it as well.

Jihad Watch tells that
Abdul Rahman is not alone...also criticising the Chicago Tribune.

Brussels Journal reports that an Estonian soldier is due to be
flogged in the UAE.

The Big Pharoah says why he is
afraid of the Egyptian ballot box.

The Religious Policeman on
buying shares Saudi style. $26,000 to get started. They obviously don't want people investing do they?

Now killing people for minor transgressions is not something exclusive to Muslims....Christians used to do it....a
long time ago though. Go to March 30th and the post entitled Religious Fundamentalism rears its ugly head yet again. I can't link to it properly for some reason.

On a lighter note...
lazy frogs.

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