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February 17, 2007


Ok, so I haven't posted anything since it was announced that Blackpool wouldn't be getting the supercasino. Not that I didn't see the point, but I wanted to see how it was played...

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If you want to check out the articles, you probably only have to search for casino on the Gazette website...

Anyhow...was I surprised? No, not really. I was surprised by Manchester, only because I thought that the Dome was going to get it though. However, that doesn't mean that I blindly follow the rubbish that gets spouted by the council though.

Anyone who seriously thought Blackpool was going to get the casino was probably on something. If you have a serious look at Blackpool, it needs more than a casino to boost its fortunes.

It was a constant mantra throughout the bidding process that it was 'casino this, casino that'...and apparently nothing else. The reasoning was that because of the casino, people would come to Blackpool and use the hotels and shops etc.

However....bearing in mind that there are very few top quality hotels here (braces for storm of protest from Blackpool Hospitality Association), and as for the shopping.... Preston has more than us these days....not only designer brands like Debenhams, but also lots of little high fashion shops etc as well. What does Blackpool have? Well....we have M&S...and that's about it really. Oooh..we've got a Starbucks!! Big deal... Ok, so they are extending Hounds Hill Shopping Centre....and when was the last time locals actually did much shopping in there?

There is also the nightlife in Blackpool....and while Club Sanuk, Syndicate etc may be popular, you also have to consider the fact that a lot of this place is a bit of a no-go zone. Don't believe me? Check out the video in the article here.

Is this really the best that Blackpool has to offer? Would you come here?

Did I mention the much vaunted conference facilities? You have the Winter Gardens....which quite frankly isn't up to the job anymore. You have the Norbreck Hotel for the other big convention sized events. Other than that, a couple of the hotels do conference stuff....

Blackpool has been allowed to decline for far too long by the council...and it shows...and despite work such as the new seawall development, and the 'People's Playground' thing I don't see it changing much.

The plus points of Blackpool? Well the Tower is still is the Pleasure Beach. The Sandcastle? Well..if you can call it an attraction...

Now, admittedly a lot of people have never been to I open this up to people who either live here or have been here either on holiday or on weekend trips. Am I wrong, or is it a true reflection of this town?

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February 09, 2007


Excuse me? It's what 3 inches deep and we can't cope? Wtf is wrong with this country? I'm sure Scotland can cope with at least 10 feet before they start worrying about stuff.

Oh well....another sad demonstration of the fact that England can't hack it anymore.

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February 02, 2007

Wait a moment...

I get the impression that Sikhs and Hindus are getting a mite peeved about being lumped together with the Muslim community....

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