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June 20, 2006

World Cup

Well this is the day that we find out how good the England team is but first.....

Ecuador v Germany - A fairly straightforward display by the Germans. So...Germany tops the England need to win to avoid playing them next.

Sweden v England - Says it all really....two times England were ahead, and two times Sweden equalised. With Owen injured and unlikely to play for quite a while, England have to up their game...Rooney & Crouch have to be able to work well...especially seeing as Walcott is unlikely to be in a game, despite a perfect opportunity yesterday.

My prediction stood quite well...lets face it, Sweden could have won it. Anyhow...Ecuador next....don't underestimate them.

Costa Rica v Poland - Well, I can't watch 2 matches at the same time. Anyone know what it was like?

Paraguay v Trinidad & Tobago - Didn't see this one either...for the same reason.

Random question - Can any American readers enlighten me on what 'metric football' is? I've been reading a few blogs, and I keep coming across this game. What is it?

p.s. - another random question....why are certain Americans so hostile towards football?

Wednesday 21st June

Portugal v Mexico

Iran v Angola

Holland v Argentina

Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro

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