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June 25, 2006

Last 16

Ok, so I didn't finish off the final matches of the groups...primarily because I missed too many of them....due to screen 2 at once, and being out on two occasions.

Anyhow...last 16

Germany v Sweden (2-0) - Cracking game. Although Sweden seemed to be all over the place, Germany have appeared to have stepped up a gear. As well they might....they play Arentina next.

Argentina v Mexico (2-1) - Now that is what the World Cup is about....two teams pushing hard to win. First match to go into extra time, and very nearly into penalties. The game could have gone either way, but Mexico proved themselves, and are a team to watch.

Italy v Australia (1-0) - Ok..this will be interesting. Indeed it looks like Italy cheated their way into the Quarter Finals...on TV replays it was a definite dive. Australia do not deserve to go home so early.

Switzerland v Ukraine (0-0) (0-3 penalties) Talk about a tight game. 1st match this tournament to go to penalties.

Ecuador v England (0-1) - The phrase here...'Put Up or Shut Up'. This is the opportunity for England to prove how good they are. No excuses.

1st half - what? They are managing to play worse than they did against Sweden. What is with the diving? They are lucky Ecuador haven't been able to take advantage.
In fact, what is with the dirty tackling? Are they seriously incapable of playing the game properly?

2nd half - You have got to be kidding. Good goal from Beckham, but England are incredibly lucky. Sloppy play will get punished from now on. I'm sorry but that was a pathetic display of England 'quality'.

Portugal v Holland (1-0) - Ouch..that was a rough game. Portugal get to play England next.

Brazil v Ghana - (3-0) -Poxy ITV commentators..writing Ghana off the instant the whistle blew. To be honest, I didn't expect Ghana to win. However, I didn't expect them to be thrashed, and so it appears.

Spain v France - (1-3) -A good game...apart from Thierry Henry doing some acting in order to get the free kick which led to goal #2.

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