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June 15, 2006

World Cup cont.

Wednesday 14th June

Spain v Ukraine - Well the Ukraine got a major shock in that one. The sending off was a little harsh, but when shown from the referee's angle, it was a legitimate call. Regardless of that decision, Spain ran rings around them. A potential final candidate?

Tunisia v Saudi Arabia - Although seemingly out of it, Tunisia got that last goal to equalise. To be honest, a fairly even match between the two.

Germany v Poland - One that Poland had to win to continue in the Cup...sadly a late goal from Germany sealed their fate.

Thursday 15th June

Ecuador v Costa Rica - A convincing win, enabling Ecuador to progress to the second round for the first time.

England v Trinidad & Tobago - Well, I almost got my prediction right...83 minutes until the first goal. To be honest, England were let off today. Trinidad & Tobago held them at bay quite convincingly, and threatened a few times. England basically played the same as they did against Paraguay.

If they continue in that vein, they are going to have their arses handed to them on a plate, because for the most part, every other team that has played has been far more convincing. There was some shoddy passing, and letting the ball get too far from their feet.

Sweden v Paraguay - A bit of a hard fought match.

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