Be Disclaimed

"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

January 26, 2008

Chaos I the only one that thinks the incidents with the 'Palestinians' and the Egyptians is typical stupidity?

Do they look particularly oppressed to you? I'm sorry, I believe that the only people who oppress the Palestinians are the Palestinians themselves.

Why? Well...short example...when the Israelis pulled out of Gaza they left behind a state-of-the-art greenhouse for the Palestinians to use. What did the Palestinians do? They destroyed it......that's taught those nasty Israelis a lesson......

Oh it continues...and what is with the Egyptians backing down against armed groups crossing their border? Aren't they supposed to get their guns out and shoot back?


Comment by Haloscan: