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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

April 30, 2005


Yes, the Daleks (ok 1) are back!!

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Football Chelsea won the Premiership tonight. Congratulations.

Now since when is a football match the most important thing that has happened which requires not 1 but 3 headlines, mentioned before the terrorist attacks in Egypt.

Sorry, have I missed something?

Football is not that important (waits for complaints) and does not deserve the almost saturation coverage it gets.

I suppose it will be on the front pages tomorrow....and not just on the sports section.

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April 26, 2005

Exploding Toads!! - Strange story of the week....exploding toads.....

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April 25, 2005

San Marino Grand Prix

Ok, was that a GP worth watching or what? However a fantastic race was nearly ruined by ITV putting on adverts in 2 of the last 3 laps. What were they thinking?!? If Schuey had overtaken Alonso in the break, it would have been a complete mess. Rule 1, in the last 5 laps of a race, do not put adverts is unnecessary!

Come on BBC, put a bid in for the next available opportunity! ITV has ruined Grand Prix coverage.

Anyhow...will Schumacher do better in 2 weeks.....stay tuned.

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April 23, 2005

St George's Day

Today is the celebration of Saint George, the Patron Saint of England, who slew the terrible Dragon.

Take the time to celebrate this day, and show pride in your country.
Ignore those who would stop you from flying the Cross of St. George, the symbol of our great country.

Be proud to be English. You are one of a kind and tolerant people. Take back our flag from people who have sullied its great name.

St. George for England!!

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April 18, 2005


Funny thing time....sometimes it seems to drag, sometimes its as though you've just been strapped on Concorde going Mach 2.

Right now I want a bit of drag...too much to do, so little time to use.

Perhaps I need a time machine....failing that, the ability to write complete twaddle that actually makes sense.

Oh well...looks like I'll have to paint those go faster stripes on my pen again....

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Testing, Testing...hello?

Greetings.....just a little bit of a test!

Yes, if there is anyone there who might actually read this, can you leave a comment please?

I am just checking out how many people there might be occasionally reading here.



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April 13, 2005

Petrol (gas) prices

Oh's costing a little more to buy petrol in the isn't it about time? $2.35 a gallon is around £1.00. Just looked at the AA website here and the average price is 80.5p per litre of unleaded....or £3.66 per gallon by the looks of it.....and for any US readers...that is around $7 a gallon. Super Unleaded goes to 86.9p per litre...or wait for it...£3.95 per gallon...basically $8 a gallon. Diesel isn't much better. Do you feel you are paying a lot now?

Mind you look at the tax take....over 70%!

US drivers fume as gas prices soar

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April 12, 2005

Music and Piracy....

ok...I thought I'd make a comment about this. I'd like to point out that I am not part of the downloading revolution in music. I still go to the shop and buy the CD's...I'm into the whole packaging thing you see...besides I am not that technologically savvy to figure out MP3 etc or the players and how to copy etc.

Anyhow, having seen a number of items on the news, I am getting confused.
Let me see if I have this right...

I can buy a CD from a shop...

1 - can I record it onto tape?
2 - can I make a mix from it and burn onto a CD?
3 - can I take a collection which I have copied off legitimate CD's onto the computer and share it with a friend, or burn onto a CD songs which a friend has shared with me?

It sort of links in with the whole BetaMax thing:

1 - Can I record a programme off the TV and then watch it?
2 - Can I record a programme off the TV and lend it to a friend to watch?

Confused? I am.

Personally I buy CDs from artists that I like - i.e. I already have their albums, or I like a song I have heard on the radio. Occasionally I will buy a CD of a band that I have been recommended...if I don't like it I take it back and get a different one.

I reckon the industry is losing sales because the selection available is a waste of money. People aren't going to buy rubbish albums pure and possibly there have been a large number of second-rate artists / albums on the market which people refuse to buy.

Also cost of CDs - apparently an album CD is around 56 pence (that's UK currency) to being charged £16 for a single CD album (£24 for a double album) is a little extortionate...especially when you can go to a supermarket of choice (there are a number of stores) and get them for around £9.80 (single CD) or so...or less on a sale...or you can go on the internet, and get them for even less!!

So I guess there need to be decent albums by decent artists released for a change....we aren't going to be overcharged anymore.

Music industry extends piracy war
Court mulls file-sharing future
Music piracy 'does hit CD sales'

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April 09, 2005


Congratulations to Charles and Camilla on their wedding day!

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April 08, 2005


ok...forgive me for being a little mental, but are we all aware of the posit by Darwin that we are descended from apes? Now, I have information that not everyone agrees with this, specifically the more religious of our number. They put forward the posit of Creationism, where God made us in his image.

However, I would like to put forward a more startling posit, that of a mix of Creationism and Alien Contact, specifically that we are the genetically modified offspring from the past, which may include apes as well as Aliens with some decent medical technology. Now, I know people will be going a little crazy at this point. Why do I put forward this idea? Well, you see the Sumerians were an incredibly advanced civilisation...often considered the first civilisation. They put their knowledge as a gift who came from the sky....and they tell of how the human race was created.

For further thoughts read Gods of the New Millennium by Alan F. Alford.

Now the bit I don't understand is why schools in the US are being made to choose between Darwin and Creationism. I mean, can't you say that they are both theories, and until someone provides proof, accept them as they are? Are you really prepared to limit the imagination? As far as I am aware, Darwin's theory is used because for the moment it fits the information that is available. Lets face it, the Dark Ages were such that knowledge was destroyed. It is only due to the work of Islamic scholars of the time that a lot of the information we have today is known.

Bit of Totally Useless Information : Did you know that you couldn't be a serious scientist in the past without being a religious scholar?

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April 04, 2005


Congratulations to Wales for winning the Grand Slam for the first time in 27 years. I guess they will be partying to sometime next year.


Congratulations to Fernando Alonso for winning the Malaysian and Bahrain Grand Prix. Win #3 for Renault.
The Ferrari looks competitive. Also congrats to Jarno Trulli for another podium position. Do you get the impression that the old order is changing. Driver of the Day : Pedro de la Rosa for some gobsmacking driving and overtaking moments!

ok...bikes....BSB, WSB, MotoGP....I haven't followed this anywhere near as much as I should do. Oh well there goes the planet. Congrats to Troy Corser for winning the double in Australia.


There is a saying about football, that I notice that Newcastle have proved quite literally with the incident this weekend. What were they doing?? Doesn't say much does it? These are supposed to be role models????!?!! Oh well...doomed.

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Right, I have decided to make comment. Yes, the Pope has died....but he is only a man. I am not Catholic so I don't particularly care about what happens next...I presume a new Pope. However, what annoys me is the constant coverage in the media....last time I checked the UK is an Anglican country, not Catholic.

An additional annoyance is why apparently Charles and Camilla should postpone their wedding because it is on Friday. I'm sorry? Their wedding was planned, and should not be affected by something that isn't relevant. I am particularly incredulous at the vitriol that has been aimed at Charles and Camilla by the general public and the press. You wouldn't have thought that 2 divorcees could get married in the UK if they wanted to.

Perhaps the press is just getting a little carried away with their position. A little reality check if you please. Especially as apparently there were bombs set off in Lebanon and Thailand, as well as continuing attacks in Iraq. Is this not worthy of news coverage?

Oh well, end of rant.

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April 01, 2005

Weird Stuff....

Hmm....well this is going to be an interesting one to pique your interest.

As you know, I am into the whole alien I decided to post a discussion for you to put your own thoughts. Aliens....a series of questions...

1 - Do aliens exist, or are we the only ones?
2 - Do you believe in aliens?
3 - Do you believe the Pyramids were built by the Egyptians....or someone else?
4 - Advanced technology, or just thousands of slaves?
5 - Apparently, according to the texts of the Sumerians (the first recorded civilisation)..who had advanced astronomy and mathematics, they received their knowledge from people who came from the sky....what do you think?
6 - An interesting one now...and it might cause some theological type is said that the Bible, i.e. the Old Testament proves that the Sumerians weren't deluded.. does this mean that people have been here before...and may come again?
7 - Aliens....good or bad...and why?
8 - UFO's - optical illusions, weather balloons, the planet Venus, marsh gas or flying vehicles?
9 - Atlantis - fact or fiction?
10 - Chupacabras....real or just something weird?
11 - Black Triangles....UFO's or secret prototypes?
12 - Faster Than Light (FTL) travel...possible or against the laws of physics?
13 - The Face on Mars, and some Pyramids as well....picture processing glitches, or actual physical constructions?
14 - Dark side of the Moon as a UFO base, true astronaut observations or paranoia?
15 - Where do we come from?
16 - Also known as 15a...Are we genetically modified by aliens or interstellar traveller for that matter...(see also the Bible and Sumerian texts)?

...and finally the one that gets up certain peoples noses....theologically anyway.

17 - Are gods (including the ones of the current 3 top religions) in fact interstellar travellers? doubt I will find other questions to add later on...enjoy!!

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