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Enrico Fermi

July 31, 2005

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Ok...GTA San Andreas. ok, by now you should know that GTA is not the most subtle game to be offered for sale. Lots of random violence etc. Now, because there are sex scenes that can be accessed if you manage to figure out the code button combination, they want to ban it.

Pardon? Gratuitous violence is ok, but sex isn't? This from the US of all places....

I'm sorry, get some proportion here.

In other news...MJ isn't doing too well in sales of the 'Essential' album...see
here. Not that surprising really. Is #2 in album charts here though....don't know why.

Coolest story of the week:

A guy has been doing the ultimate pubcrawl. Stuart Ashby decided to visit every pub out of a 1984 Good Beer Guide....and 21 years later has finally completed this epic drinking session, visiting approximately 15,000 pubs.

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July 29, 2005


Hmm....ok, so it isn't that long since I started this blog lark...and already is has gone out of control....I have 4 now...not all of them doing anything....I may delete one or two...I am not sure yet. Whatever, I am surprised that people come to last point I had over 800 visits.

Of course I suppose I could be out of my mind, which has occurred to me. Either that or the people who stay to read are. lmao. Doomed I am then.

Anyhow, a big thank you to anyone who has stopped by from time to time.

On a separate note, I thought that I might share these lyrics with you.

All this hatred
All this hatred
I can't take it!
All this hatred

You may not know this
We may be different
Different but equal
Different and free

(taken from H8 Red off Persistence of Time by Anthrax)

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July 28, 2005


Well as you probably have heard by now, it appears that the IRA are going to end the violence in Northern Ireland.

Now, supposing that they abide by their intentions....will the loyalist paramilitaries disband?

We shall see.

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July 27, 2005

Late post on Jean Charles de Menezes

Ok, I am a little late on commenting on this.

I think there is something important to recognise here....he was presumably told to stop by these police. Presumably they said 'stop, armed police.' Presumably they also put their caps on..which are checkered with police emblazoned across the front.

However, he ran....into a tube station, after which he vaulted the ticket swirly things, and headed towards a train. The police then shot him.

Does anyone have a problem with this incident as it is told?

If I was told to stop by armed police, I would be suffering from whiplash because of my haste in stopping. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Jose decided to run. He was wearing a bulky coat that could have been concealing explosives, and he was heading towards a train. If you had to make the decision what would you do?

Would you hold fire, and possibly have many dead and injured from an explosion?
Would you fire, and find out for certain whether he was safe or not?

I don't envy any armed officer who has to make that decision. We can look in hindsight and see that they shot an innocent man. They don't have time to waste pondering in that kind of situation.

Yes, it is unfortunate that an innocent man died, but he apparently didn't listen to police instructions. Sadly it resulted in his death.

People would be in an uproar if it had been a terrorist and he hadn't been intercepted when the chance was there.

I think it was the only decision that could have been made in the circumstances. To criticise in hindsight does no-one any favours, be it the Metropolitan Police, or the family, or indeed the Brazilian Government

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I thought it was intriguing that dildos aren't new....and they found one in Germany...see here for the article.

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July 24, 2005


Congratulations to Lance Armstrong for winning a record breaking seventh Tour de France. Nice way to finish a career.

Congratulations also to Fernando Alonso for winning the German Grand Prix....and Valentino Rossi for winning the British Grand Prix.

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July 23, 2005


Condolences to all those killed or injured in Sharm El-Sheikh.

They were not just Egyptians, but also British, Russian, Czech, Italian, Ukrainian, and Israeli.

We must all stand together to get those murderers, regardless of nationality or religion. This is the time where petty differences should be put aside. They will never win...

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July 22, 2005

London...part 2

Pardon? 2 weeks to the day and you try and do the same thing? I don't think so.

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July 20, 2005

Stuff I heard today

Apparently teachers don't think students should be 'failed' anymore. No....these students have 'deferred success'. I believe the appropriate response is WTF?!

Is this how all pupils will pass now? They won't fail...they'll just defer their pass. Come on, I'd rather know that I'm useless, better that than 'deferred successful'. It won't encourage the students to get their arse into gear will it? There is nothing like a short sharp shock to get people's attention.

It is like GCSE gradings I suppose. It is a while since I went to school, but grades were A-G, then Unclassified. The rumour was that the only way to get a U was to be unable to write your name on the exam papers. G was easy to get.
I got an F distinction in computing. Confused? Yes, I was as well.

No A+ or anything like that. Hardly anyone got A's. Now it has got to the point of A*'s, A+....I suppose they are the old A's and B's.... so...does that mean a straight A is an old C?

Why are we trying to pass people who wouldn't have otherwise? It makes a mockery of those that went before, and devalues the grades. It seems that a lot of people get A's or A*'s these days.

Maybe it's just me.

Taken from BBC

Oh yes, the Mercury Music Prize nominations have been announced:

Antony and the Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Coldplay - X&Y
The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Hard-Fi - Stars of CCTV
KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger
MIA - Arular
Polar Bear - Held on the Tips of Fingers
Seth Lakeman - Kitty Jay

I'm sorry, I only recognise 3 of these...Coldplay (for my sins), KT Tunstall, and the Kaiser Chiefs. Who are the others? Am I that out of touch with popular music?

ok, don't answer that...I obviously have the wrong taste in music.

TV Licensing is a bit of a strange thing. If you watch or record television in the UK, you require a TV licence....£42 for a black and white TV, £126.50 for a colour TV. This applies not only to stuff like SKY and Freeview, but also to foreign channels you receive.

That is payable every year. Now the licence goes to the BBC.... Failure to pay the licence can lead to prosecution and fines up to £1000. There are concessions if you are blind, and free if over 75. How do they find you? TV Detection Vans. Anyone seen one? I haven't. If you have, was there anyone inside?

Please note, I said it goes to the BBC. This begs the obvious question, what if I don't want to watch the BBC? Well basically, tough.

So, around 27 million licences (approx figure taken from
TV Licencing) by £126.50 (presuming all are colour) = £3,415,500,000. Nice little earner for the Beeb isn't it? Everyone else has to get advertising revenue, but you still need a licence to watch them.

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July 18, 2005


Well, now I am a graduate....yes, I got to shake hands with the Pro Vice-Chancellor (pardon?) and get a piece of paper saying it was an 'interim certificate'. I can't wait to get the proper one. Then I can relax....well, apart from the obvious.

I felt like Batman with all the gear on....apart from the lack of a mask of course.

Congratulations everyone! You did good!

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July 17, 2005

The Open

...or for those Americans that read this, 'The British Open'.

Yes, it's that time of year again, and I'm posting on the final day....I mustn't be feeling well. Anyhow, I've stopped watching it because all the players seemed to have lost their focus. Considering that yesterday there seemed to be an abundance of amazing shots, it has become a letdown.

Also, I am fed up of people saying how wonderful Tiger Woods is. He is not the best player in the world, proven by the fact that he posted some appalling scores when he wasn't playing in the states. All he has done in this open is get 3 or 4 birdies a round....and not mess up. Hardly 'genius' is it?

ok...end of rant. I think it's Hoylake next year...I could be wrong, I'll have to check the website.

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July 15, 2005

2 Minute Silence

Respects to those that were injured or lost their lives to the terrorist attacks in London.

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July 11, 2005


Well, went to see the airshow on the Prom yesterday which was part of the joint VE / VJ celebrations. Good show...Spitfire, Harrier, Tucano, Hawk, The Blue Eagles (a helicopter display team with 4 Gazelles and a Lynx), Tornado, and of course the Red Arrows.

Once again, the Red Arrows proved why they are the best display team in the world.

On another note, the East Anglian Ambulance Service have come up with an interesting idea..In Case of Emergency...

East Anglian Ambulance - ICE
Vodafone Life Savers Awards - ICE

Sideways to that, did you see the Mall yesterday? It was absolutely packed! Obviously there was a determination to make sure that the bombings didn't ruin the day. Makes you proud to be British.

Article from the
BBC about the blog response to the bombings.

Have a look at
this to make a pledge to defy terrorism.
T-shirt anyone?
Or maybe you would prefer to make a donation to the British Red Cross London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund

Anything to say about what is good in Britain?

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July 07, 2005


After the day in which London won the Olympic Games for 2012, it was hit by a horrific series of attacks which have left at last count, at least 37 dead, some 700 or so injured.

Do those psychopaths really think that London would be cowed by a terrorist incident? London, which has dealt with incidents for many years now? I don't think so. London, and the rest of the UK is not like that. Let's not forget that London is a multicultural city, and also that many nationalities live and work there.

Terrorism has no place in this world, and the sooner those that commit these atrocities are dealt with, the better this world will be.

Condolences to all those that have lost loved ones, or have been injured in the explosions.

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July 06, 2005


Yes, I am 29 today! Scary yes? Well, actually no. I don't feel 29, so I suppose that's a good thing yes?

I suppose you are wondering what I am doing with this pic on my page. Well, it came with my card this morning so I thought it would be worth putting up.

Posted by Picasa

On other thoughts, we are now in the Dark of the Moon.

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July 04, 2005

4th July

Yes, it is the 4th of July today, and to celebrate US independence, NASA have slammed an 'impactor' into Comet Tempel why? Doesn't the US already cause more than enough hassle in the world, without going offworld?

On a different note, and a little late on news again, congratulations to Roger Federer on his 3rd successive Wimbledon win. Congratulations also to Venus Williams on her Wimbledon win.

Live8 - I managed to avoid it completely. Is that skill or what?

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July 02, 2005

Deep Impact

Yes, it is under 2 days now until the Deep Impact probe hits Comet Tempel 1. Does anyone else think this is a particularly good idea? Apparently they are taking bets on what size crater is made....

Comet smashing mission on final approach from New Scientist
Comet mission set for deep impact from BBC News

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Live 8 & other music

Luther Vandross has died -RIP

Live 8 is on all over the place.

Hyde Park - African Childrens Choir, Annie Lennox, Bob Geldof, Coldplay, Dido, Elton John, Joss Stone, Keane, The Killers, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Ms. Dynamite, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Razorlight, REM, Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters, Snoop Dogg, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Sting, Travis, U2, UB40, Velvet Revolver

Paris - Andrea Bocelli w/Philarmonie de Nationen, Amel Bent, Axelle Red, Calogero, Cerrone/Nile Rogers, Craig David, The Cure, David Hallyday, Diam's, Dido, Disiz La Peste, Faudel, Florent Pagny, Kool Shen, Kyo, Louis Bertignac, Matt Copora, Muse, Placebo, Raphael, Shakira, Sheryl Crow, Tina Arena, Yannick Noah, Youssou N'Dour

Berlin - A-ha, Audioslave, Bap, Brian Wilson, Chris de Burgh, Crosby Stills & Nash, Die Toten Hosen, Faithless, Green Day, Herbert Groenemeyer, Joana Zimmer, Juan Diego Florez, Juli, Katherine Jenkins, Reamonn, Renee Olstead, Roxy Music, Sasha, Silbermond, Soehne Mannheims, Wir Sind Helden

Rome - Antonello Venditti, Articolo 31, Biagio Antonacci, Claudio Baglioni, Duran Duran, Elisa, Faith Hill, Francesco De Gregori, Gemelli Diversi, Irene Grandi, Jovanotti, Laura Pausini, Le Vibrazioni, Ligabue, Max Pezzali, Negramaro, Negrita, Nek, Noa, Piero Pelu, Pino Daniele, Povia, Renato Zero, Tim McGraw, Tiromancino, Velvet

Philadelphia - Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Def Leppard, Destiny's Child, Jay-Z, Josh Groban, Kaiser Chiefs, Keith Urban, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, P Diddy, Rob Thomas, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Wonder, Toby Keith

Barrie - African Guitar Summit , Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Bruce Cockburn, Bryan Adams, The Bachman Cummings Band, Deep Purple, DMC, DobaCaracol f/ Kna'an, Gordon Lightfoot, Great Big Sea, Jann Arden, Jet, Les Trois Accords, Motley Crue, Our Lady Peace, Sam Roberts, Simple Plan, Tegan & Sara, The Tragically Hip, Tom Cochrane

Tokyo - Bjork, Def Tech, Dreams Come True, Good Charlotte, McFly, Rize

Johannesburg - 4Peace Ensemble, Jabu Khanyile & Bayete, Lindiwe, Lucky Dube, Mahotella Queens, Malaika, Orchestre Baobab, Oumou Sengare, Vusi Mahlasela, Zola

Moscow - Agata Kristy, Aliona Sviridova, B-2, Delphin (tbc), Garik Sukachev (tbc), Jungo, Linda, Moral Code X, Pet Shop Boys, Red Elvises

The Eden Project - Angelique Kidjo, Maryam Mursal, Salif Keita, Thomas Mapfumo, Tinariwen, Daara J, Shikisha, Ayub Ogada, Modou Diouf & O Fogum

All these listings are off the Live 8 website.

Now who would I see...easy...notice all the yellow highlighted ones.
Who would I be intrigued by? Notice the green highlights.

There are probably others worth listening to, but I don't know enough about them to highlight one way or the other, namely some in Moscow and Rome.

As you know, I will not be watching or listening...but I object to it taking over BBC1, BBC Radio 1 & 2, I think it is on Smooth FM as well. I will have to find something else to watch. Incidentally, how come there aren't many rock bands? Is it not commercial enough? I thought there were thousands of rock / metal supporters out there like me? Oh well, there goes the planet.

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