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October 26, 2010

X Factor

Yes, yes, I know, what on earth am I doing making a comment about X Factor, also known as the Simon Cowell Karaoke Contest? Well it's all very simple you know...

Once upon a time, nearly a year ago now, a small Facebook campaign was set up to try and stop the eventual winner of X Factor getting the guaranteed Christmas #1. This used Rage Against The Machine (RATM), and their song Killing In The Name. Surprisingly, this actually worked, with RATM getting #1, and Joe McElderry getting #2.

Now, the campaign may have started of as a way of keeping Simon Cowell off the Christmas #1 spot, but it was also turned into a charity effort, with those buying the single asked to donate to Shelter. Due in part to this, when RATM decided to get involved, they donated all profits of the single to Shelter as well....and a cheque was presented to the organisers of the campaign, Jon and Tracy Morter, at the free concert that RATM performed in Finsbury Park. Incidentally, how many people outside the campaign were aware of this? I sure as hell didn't read it in any of the articles printed at the time.

Now, as you know, the current series of Cowell's Karaoke is going on about some bloke called Wagner...and according to the headlines below, he is being kept in by a campaign on the organisers of the RATM campaign.

Anti-Cowell campaigners claim they are keeping Wagner on The X Factor"


Wagner Saved By Facebook Plotters

Pardon? Anyone who bought the RATM single are not going to be phoning ITV to vote on Wagner. Incidentally, they mention a Richard Robey, who is either a founding member or early member of the initial campaign. Last time I checked, the Morter's were the founders of that. MuppetLord is amused.

Also, shock! horror! Cheryl Cole mimed! Er....has anyone listened to her singles? If they aren't autotuned wholesale, I'm a pod person.

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