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June 13, 2006

World Cup

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm watching the World Cup, and so far, so good. Good games all round (ish) but you know what I mean.

Friday 9th June

Germany v Costa Rica - Good game...Germany were a little shaky in defense, which will have to be worked on, but a solid win.

Poland v Ecuador - Another fast paced game.

Saturday 10th June

England v Paraguay - Unlike a lot of people, I am incredibly cynical about England coverage, because I believe England are incredibly overhyped, and this game proved it. They started strong, and got a lucky goal off Beckham. The second half proved to be typical England..start off strong, then apparently lose interest. They were lucky that Paraguay were unable to get focused and punish for that lack of interest. More on England later.

Trinidad & Tobago v Sweden - Impressive match by both teams. They both pushed hard, and were pushed hard in defending the goal area. I'd say this is a good showing for Trinidad & Tobago, and expect them to play hard in their remaining games.

Argentina v Ivory Coast - A bit of a scrappy game, with plenty of Argentinian theatrics. One day they will not be successful in their acting ability and will be punished for it. Until then however..... A good showing from the Ivory Coast...I hope they push hard in their remaining group matches.

Sunday 11th June

Serbia & Montenegro v Holland - Quite surprising that there weren't more goals to be honest.

Mexico v Iran - Iran started well, but were eventually outclassed by Mexico.

Angola v Portugal - A good showing from Angola, pushing Portugal hard throughout the match.

Monday 12th June

Australia v Japan - Well this definitely looked like a Japanese win....until 3 gobsmacking goals in the final few minutes sealed a Socceroos win. A team to watch I suspect.

USA v Czech Republic - A bit of a thrashing to be honest. The USA seemed outclassed, and possibly unprepared for this match. I don't know if this is due to the lack of international experience in the squad, or underestimating their group opposition. More below.

Italy v Ghana - It may be an Italian win, but they had to work for it.

Tuesday 13th June

South Korea v Togo - Interesting match. South Korea obviously had a bit of a major half time chat....because they made up for the goal they conceded. Sitting on the ball late on was a bit of a shame....even their fans thought it was a bit much.

France v Switzerland - A bit of a stalemated game. No real flair from the French, and Switzerland did well to keep France contained.

Brazil v Croatia - What a match...1-0 says it all. Croatia did not back down once. If England come up against either of these two, a loss is probably guaranteed.


England - I seriously expect England to get a draw on Thursday, and as for Sweden, I expect a draw or a loss. Why? They aren't good enough. If they manage to play a competetive 90 minutes in either match, I might be surprised, but so far, they have played to form. It was like this at the last World Cup, and at Euro 2004. Push and then let it go. I may be proved wrong, but if they play like this, there is no chance in getting past the second round, because every other team that has played so far with punish them repeatedly.

USA - Having read comments on CNNSI, it appears that there has been a lot of hype with the USA team. Also, it appears that there is a lot of indifference by the US the fact that it is often seen as an after-school girls sport. I's FOOTBALL...not soccer...and it is a WORLD this is the World Cup. Until it is treated like the major sport and event that it is, I don't expect the USA to make much headway. Perhaps more players in Europe, and maybe getting European coaches would improve things in significant areas.

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