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Enrico Fermi

November 24, 2007

How?? Part 2

I am gobsmacked. Really I am. Not about England losing, because I have seen that one coming for a while, but how incompetent the Government appear to have become.

You know those two discs with those 25 million details on....well apparently it is another six more....and if that wasn't bad enough...if you are an illegal immigrant in the security worries....

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November 20, 2007


Can someone tell me how you lose 7.5 million records?

Do they not have secure deliveries or even specific people? Do they have sign out forms?? Are there no safeguards???

They still expect us to support an ID card scheme....I don't think so...

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November 09, 2007


Right, this is a long overdue post on here. I have been somewhat focused on work etc. and haven't been able to devote the attention I need to blog and also read blogs.

I will be posting shortly.


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