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Enrico Fermi

April 05, 2006


A rare second post...because there is always something worth talking about...

Gene Pitney has

Is anyone surprised that Denis Donaldson has been
executed? Peace is a relative term in Northern Ireland.

So, remember Nick Flynn....who tripped over his shoelace and ended up knocking over and smashing some
Qing Dynasty vases? Well, he's just been arrested.....a police spokesman said,

"A 42-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with an incident at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on January 25."

So let me get this right, a guy who trips over his laces and hits 3 unprotected vases (estimated value, when not in smithereens, £100,000) on a staircase, vases which incidentally
weren't insured is guilty of criminal damage? Does anyone see the logic of this situation?

There is a reason why people are warned not to take drugs like ecstasy.....
brain damage.

Simon Heffer warns about in the UK. I guess the Labour Party want to be in power for ever. I don't think so you power hungry bastards.

Continuing with the Labour theme, Patricia Hewitt visited the University Hospital of North an eye theatre, closed for the past 10 months which has been
reopened specially. I guess the NHS really is up shit creek if you have to resort to stuff like that.

I see David Cameron has
had a go at UKIP. Nice one you moron. Why aren't you in the Labour Party? After all you seem to be copying them a lot these days. I suspect UKIP will get a few more votes this time around.

Politicians? What a wunch of bankers.

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