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Enrico Fermi

April 28, 2006

Late Comment

Devil's Kitchen points out yet another reason why the Tories aren't going to win the election.

He has added to his list of things about Charles Clarke that he doesn't like....namely
he's incompetant.

While we're talking about Charles Clarke...apparently we are

Patricia Hewitt is apparently a '
walking advert for Disability Allowance'.

As for Tony Blair....well The Devil's Kitchen
makes quite a strong point....because of this...comment here. comments here.

The state of the
NHS.(via Tim Worstall)

Apparently New Labour is going

You will no doubt recall the suicide attacks on Dahab the other day. However, did you hear about the
attack 2 days later? I caught it as a breaking news item on Sky News, but only briefly. It was only because I read Sandmonkey that I knew I hadn't imagined it.

I'm not talking about Prescott, because lets face it, it's everywhere.

Ok, that's all for now.

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