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Enrico Fermi

April 08, 2006

Wandering News

Simon Heffer has a few things to say generally. He doesn't have anything good to say about Dave though.

The Gates of Vienna reckons that Reavers are
already here...

According to Pakistan, terrorism is the fault of
Jews and Hindus. Pardon?

Pedestrian Infidel also mentions the
plight of the Kalasha, a Greek community, believed to date from the time of Alexander the Great, in a remote area of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan.

Mr Angry has come up with an interesting resolution to

He also has a thing or two to say about those
bathroom attendents in clubs these days.

The Devil's Kitchen has a low opinion of celebrity faces pimping for the Labour's
Patrick Stewart.

DK also mentions a
proposal by Right For Scotland.

Michelle Malkin on the wonderful world of the Department for Homeland Security....
it's a mess.

While we're with Michelle Malkin, have you heard about the
South Park episode? Check it out at The Political Pit Bull.

Iraq The Model on newspapers in Baghdad....or
perhaps not. (via Isaac Schrödinger) Is that a bad sign or not? The final sentence is probably a ray of light:

"This is one more time that makes me feel happy we have the internet and the means to use it."

Sandmonkey has a thing to say about
The Arab Blogistan.

Also...things are really
bad in Iraq.....

Continuing with Sandmonkey a further post on
Female Genital Mutilation.....and it is not good at all. Like he says..

"WTF is wrong with these people?"

Mind you, he reckons he is
doomed anyway. The Big Pharaoh comments,

"God does not need protection"

Neferteeti says
how enlightened the Egyptian authorities are.

Still with Egypt, Freedom for Egyptians has a piece on the
fatwa against idols.

Tim Blair on the scourge of
bellydancing in the 'Palestinian territories'. Leilouta has more.

Big Pharaoh notes that Danes
don't respect Muslims now. Pretty obvious why though.

Pedestrian Infidel asks, "
What would truly 'Moderate Islam' look like?" He isn't expecting much though.

On a lighter note..Vitriolica has found an
old picture.

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