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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

April 30, 2006


An Englishman's Castle links to an article in the Telegraph Money section about how business could teach politicians a thing or two.

Drinking From Home has a
couple of links about Prescott.

Boris Johnson has an interesting piece about Labour's view of
law & order. Diary of a Bow Street Runner also comments....he isn't happy.

Simon Heffer in yesterdays Telegraph asked...what do you expect from
men on the make? Also he mentions that David Blunkett also had his part to play in the ongoing scandal.

Michael Howard has one thing to say...'
If Labour had any honour, Clarke would go.' Of course there is more....yes apparently 2500 foreign criminals have been allowed to stay. Criminals? What criminals? Perhaps the problems start from the top...even though he might have to sack Charles Clarke.

I have a better idea....get rid of the lot of them. They have to go....incompetence should not be tolerated.

Those elections are coming.....which are
wide open to fraud....because the Government won't do anything about it.

EDIT - I almost forgot.....
council tax is likely to surge....with the possibility of even more if you have a nice view, or even extensions....thanks to Prescott.


Flogging The Simian on being an expatriate American looking in.

The Big Pharaoh on judgement

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