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Enrico Fermi

April 20, 2006

More Stuff.

Tuesday the 17th April was the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake which hit San Francisco killing around 3000 people.

Nepal is getting

article by James Loney, one of the Canadians rescued alongside Norman Kember. (via Depleted Uranium)

The Devil's Kitchen on
The Euston Manifesto.

Also by TDK, a comment about the Tory party
losing the working class. While we're talking about political parties, here is one to avoid. Talking about ones to avoid, apparently the Conservatives had nothing to say about the BNP.

While we're on British politics...
Alan B'Stard is back....

Sandmonkey refers to the
French political system.

Some 60 scientists wrote a letter to the Canadian government with regard to their policy on so-called
climate change. (via The Devil's Kitchen)

Isaac Schrödinger refers to The Big Pharaoh about the sectarian riots in Egypt.

According to the Hamas #2, Mohammed Abu Tir,
Jews control US Christianity amongst other things. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Everybody fears Mohammed. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Muslims are still
killing people in Thailand.

Freedom for Egyptians has a few interesting pieces to consider...

Muslims and Christians Clash following Churches Attacks in Alexandria, Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Akef says “Fuck Egypt”

Sectarian Clashes Continue in Alexandria for the third day, One Muslim Dies

Security Solution is No Longer an Option for Copts' Persecution

Sandmonkey's view on the clashes is a

Mumbo Jumbo on
boycotts....she is less than impressed.

Sandmonkey has a look at

Sandmonkey again refers to the following...Losing my Religion.

How to Lose Your Job at a Saudi Newspaper. (via Terrorism Unveiled)

Cox & Forkum on
Hamas's response to the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Spy Blog has a piece about the
Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill also known as the Abolition of Parliament.

The Sleepy Policeman has the list....
SRO's Laws of Policing.

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