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Enrico Fermi

July 11, 2005


Well, went to see the airshow on the Prom yesterday which was part of the joint VE / VJ celebrations. Good show...Spitfire, Harrier, Tucano, Hawk, The Blue Eagles (a helicopter display team with 4 Gazelles and a Lynx), Tornado, and of course the Red Arrows.

Once again, the Red Arrows proved why they are the best display team in the world.

On another note, the East Anglian Ambulance Service have come up with an interesting idea..In Case of Emergency...

East Anglian Ambulance - ICE
Vodafone Life Savers Awards - ICE

Sideways to that, did you see the Mall yesterday? It was absolutely packed! Obviously there was a determination to make sure that the bombings didn't ruin the day. Makes you proud to be British.

Article from the
BBC about the blog response to the bombings.

Have a look at
this to make a pledge to defy terrorism.
T-shirt anyone?
Or maybe you would prefer to make a donation to the British Red Cross London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund

Anything to say about what is good in Britain?

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