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Enrico Fermi

July 17, 2005

The Open

...or for those Americans that read this, 'The British Open'.

Yes, it's that time of year again, and I'm posting on the final day....I mustn't be feeling well. Anyhow, I've stopped watching it because all the players seemed to have lost their focus. Considering that yesterday there seemed to be an abundance of amazing shots, it has become a letdown.

Also, I am fed up of people saying how wonderful Tiger Woods is. He is not the best player in the world, proven by the fact that he posted some appalling scores when he wasn't playing in the states. All he has done in this open is get 3 or 4 birdies a round....and not mess up. Hardly 'genius' is it?

ok...end of rant. I think it's Hoylake next year...I could be wrong, I'll have to check the website.

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