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Enrico Fermi

April 01, 2005

Weird Stuff....

Hmm....well this is going to be an interesting one to pique your interest.

As you know, I am into the whole alien I decided to post a discussion for you to put your own thoughts. Aliens....a series of questions...

1 - Do aliens exist, or are we the only ones?
2 - Do you believe in aliens?
3 - Do you believe the Pyramids were built by the Egyptians....or someone else?
4 - Advanced technology, or just thousands of slaves?
5 - Apparently, according to the texts of the Sumerians (the first recorded civilisation)..who had advanced astronomy and mathematics, they received their knowledge from people who came from the sky....what do you think?
6 - An interesting one now...and it might cause some theological type is said that the Bible, i.e. the Old Testament proves that the Sumerians weren't deluded.. does this mean that people have been here before...and may come again?
7 - Aliens....good or bad...and why?
8 - UFO's - optical illusions, weather balloons, the planet Venus, marsh gas or flying vehicles?
9 - Atlantis - fact or fiction?
10 - Chupacabras....real or just something weird?
11 - Black Triangles....UFO's or secret prototypes?
12 - Faster Than Light (FTL) travel...possible or against the laws of physics?
13 - The Face on Mars, and some Pyramids as well....picture processing glitches, or actual physical constructions?
14 - Dark side of the Moon as a UFO base, true astronaut observations or paranoia?
15 - Where do we come from?
16 - Also known as 15a...Are we genetically modified by aliens or interstellar traveller for that matter...(see also the Bible and Sumerian texts)?

...and finally the one that gets up certain peoples noses....theologically anyway.

17 - Are gods (including the ones of the current 3 top religions) in fact interstellar travellers? doubt I will find other questions to add later on...enjoy!!

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