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April 12, 2005

Music and Piracy....

ok...I thought I'd make a comment about this. I'd like to point out that I am not part of the downloading revolution in music. I still go to the shop and buy the CD's...I'm into the whole packaging thing you see...besides I am not that technologically savvy to figure out MP3 etc or the players and how to copy etc.

Anyhow, having seen a number of items on the news, I am getting confused.
Let me see if I have this right...

I can buy a CD from a shop...

1 - can I record it onto tape?
2 - can I make a mix from it and burn onto a CD?
3 - can I take a collection which I have copied off legitimate CD's onto the computer and share it with a friend, or burn onto a CD songs which a friend has shared with me?

It sort of links in with the whole BetaMax thing:

1 - Can I record a programme off the TV and then watch it?
2 - Can I record a programme off the TV and lend it to a friend to watch?

Confused? I am.

Personally I buy CDs from artists that I like - i.e. I already have their albums, or I like a song I have heard on the radio. Occasionally I will buy a CD of a band that I have been recommended...if I don't like it I take it back and get a different one.

I reckon the industry is losing sales because the selection available is a waste of money. People aren't going to buy rubbish albums pure and possibly there have been a large number of second-rate artists / albums on the market which people refuse to buy.

Also cost of CDs - apparently an album CD is around 56 pence (that's UK currency) to being charged £16 for a single CD album (£24 for a double album) is a little extortionate...especially when you can go to a supermarket of choice (there are a number of stores) and get them for around £9.80 (single CD) or so...or less on a sale...or you can go on the internet, and get them for even less!!

So I guess there need to be decent albums by decent artists released for a change....we aren't going to be overcharged anymore.

Music industry extends piracy war
Court mulls file-sharing future
Music piracy 'does hit CD sales'

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