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Enrico Fermi

May 30, 2006

Odds and Sods

Paul Gleason has died.

Simon Heffer sounds off about
flags...and quite rightly. You see that banner at the top of this page? It is a rotating mix of the Cross of St. George, and the Union Flag. Does that mean I'm racist? No, it means I am patriotic. I am sick of those that deny the right of the English to be patriotic about our country. After all, do you hear complaints about the Cross of St. Andrew, or the Welsh dragon? Of course you don't.

Only Prescott's croquet balls are driven now - the title says it all really.

France Echos has a piece about a
teacher being attacked and recorded on a mobile phone.

Submission, the film by Theo Van Gogh who was subsequently murdered. (via Middle Class, Middle Aged, Middle England)

Diary of a Bow Street Runner asks you to
imagine the newspapers if drunken cliches prevailed...

A bit of local news....after being closed down since January, Syndicate is reopening on Saturday 3rd June, under new management.

Also, a bit of a warning here, if you decide to come to Blackpool, keep out of the water if the tide is in....trying to go swimming can be fatal...especially if you are drunk.
Two died this last weekend.

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