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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

May 23, 2006

Longer Post

There are a few posts no particular order, because I can't be bothered today, they are in the order that I find them in my bookmarks. Feel free to can you know...

Seneferu asks for an
end to the stupidity.

Isaac Schrödinger refers to the
spiritually filthy.

Eteraz has a piece on the
LRA in Uganda. See also here for more information.

Apparently a lot of African Muslims are
becoming.....Christian. (via IBA)

It seems those Danish cartoonists had better need some protection...
from terrorists.

A comment from Peter Kilfoyle about the
change needed in the Labour Party. (via Blairwatch)

How a US Navy Corpsman
made a difference. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Desert Mordor - Isaac Schrödinger....linking to here.

Bangladesh...where women are
scarred for life. See here, and here.

The Devil's Kitchen on why
Britain Should Be Great.

The Archbishop of Sydney...has been
challenging Islam. (via Western Resistance) (text here)

USS Neverdock refers to the
French Intifada...and mentions a couple of things about the UK you might have forgotten.

Polly Toynbee on Comment is free... about
Civil Discourse...or the lack of it. The Devil's Kitchen comments.

The Devil's Kitchen reckons it is time to
abolish the UN.

The Ministry of Truth reckons Labour
needs a future rather than a legacy. (via The Devil's Kitchen)

The Devil's Kitchen on

While we're with The Devil's Kitchen, an
update on Jack Idema.

The ID Card scheme
may have been a mistake?

Longrider on
copyright infringement.

Daring Fireball on
Rob Glaser. (via The Devil's Kitchen)

The Devil's Kitchen links to Mr Eugenides, who links to an article in the Guardian by Joseph Harker, who seems to consider white people as racists for flying the England flag.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
resigns from the Dutch Parliament. (via Isaac Schrödinger)

Blairwatch on
ID for sale. This is a current problem, and they want a one stop shop for it???

The 13th of May was the
first anniversary of the Bobur Square massacre in Andijan, Uzbekistan. Read this as well.

The Pub Philosopher askes whether you can teach
British values.

A Tangled Web on what Hamas is
teaching the children...

Freedom for Egyptians on
bloggers being arrested, and pro-reform protesters being attacked.

The Big Pharaoh on one of the
bloggers arrested, and a later update..

...also Free Alaa The Blog

Bill Sticker on
flying the flag.

Students in London complain about
Islamic studies.


The Koran v Mein Kampf....see more here.

Israel and the Middle East. (via Saber Point)

A piece about
Steven Vincent.

If Islamists were
to dominate....

Meryl Yourish on a
warning about Pluck/Blogburst....they get to keep your stuff...

Also, Meryl on what
Yasser Arafat was like...

Ok, that's your lot.

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