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Enrico Fermi

September 02, 2005


On a somewhat lighter is the 2nd of September. Nothing special about the date other than the fact that it is the 1st day of the Illuminations!

Yes, up and down the Prom(enade) we have all sorts of interesting lighting things, for people to come from miles around to be stunned and amazed at. Launched with a firework display and a concert (which I know little about...because I barely read the Gazette) this will run until the 1st week in November. Of course the Illumination trams are much reduced this long will they last I wonder?

So now we can expect traffic chaos (despite having changed the routes over the years of entry and exit) at night, so all the residents have to use the back roads. That is dependent, of course, on whether anyone actually turns up this year.

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