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Enrico Fermi

August 30, 2005

Late Posting

Greetings and salutations. A bit of a catch up seeing as I have been temporarily indisposed for the past few days. Also, just in case this gets a little random, I have been inhaling petroleum based adhesive for about 4 hours I am not wyrd, I have been doing some roof repair.

Cricket - Was that a gobsmacking match or what? I think the final at the Oval is going to be one to remember. Will England recover The Ashes? We shall see...starts a week on Thursday.

Oh, forgot to mention this before.....coming this September - A1GP. Yes, a new racing series people. Based around a single make of car, and a sealed engine unit, this is country vs country. Brainchild of Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, this could be one to watch....I mean good racing worth watching.

Random article to look at from the BBC News site - Squirrel Helps With Mobile Calls. Isn't that the coolest thing?

Still running with the Beeb - Big Brother star told to leave UK. Star?? Really? I mean off BB?? That is just being more than a little optimistic. I believe stars are people like...Clive Owen, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts etc. Makosi is not a star ok?

Iron Maiden - Death On The Road - out now. Talking of Maiden, did you hear about the hassle they had in San Bernadino at their last Ozzfest gig? Methinks they did well by trying to do the gig as best as they could. Maiden rule....enough said.

Well it looks like New Orleans got hammered yesterday, apparently 80% underwater. Hopefully they can pump all that water away and start rebuilding fairly quickly, but I think it is going to be a long process.

Other news - Saudi dissident shuts down site - this is a good thing.

I have an incredibly long post coming up and when it has been screened for errors, mistakes, insinuations and downright offensive other words fairly soon. :D

Until the next post then....toodle pip.

ps - it appears that the Make Poverty History site is down....which for some reason is slowing the loading of the blog down. Why? Hmm...I wonder if it is affecting the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem?

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