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Enrico Fermi

August 22, 2005


Dr Moog has died aged 71.

Now read these 2 articles from the BBC -
Gate Threatens To End UK Business, and from the T&G Union -Calling Notice - Tony Woodley to Address Mass Meeting of Gate Gourmet Sacked Workers.

Now does that sound like threatening behaviour to you? Is that really the message that the T&G want to spread to all the companies in the UK? It is a Gate Gourmet problem, it is their staff that went on strike.

Gate Gourmet acquired the catering business of British Airways in 1997 with a 10 year contract. In 2002, Gate Gourmet was sold by Swissair Group to Texas Pacific Group. See the Gate Gourmet site for press releases, click on the Media Corner, then Press Archive.

Now threatening BA doesn't help, especially if they decide to cut their losses. Apparently there isn't a company big enough to cover their requirements from Heathrow, other than Gate Gourmet at the moment. I am willing to bet that they are looking for alternatives now though. They aren't going to want an outside company's problems causing them unnecessary hassle.

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