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March 27, 2006


A brief comment about Norman Kember...the selfish idealist.

A heartwarming story about
Ali Abbas. British troops are going to be deployed to Afghanistan....where
nutters like this are waiting.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has a very good article about
respect, pointing to the case of Abdul Rahman as well as cases in Iran and Indonesia.

Isaac Schrödinger has an
appalling tale of a little girl in Afghanistan.

Isaac also
refers to Pedestrian Infidel's question : Why do people convert to Islam?

Mike's Noise
writes a letter to CPT about Abdul Rahman (via Michelle Malkin below). Incidentally, Abdul Rahman is not the only Christian being persecuted in Afghanistan (via Isaac Schrödinger). Michelle Malkin asks 'What are you praying for?' The answer seems to be death.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance refers to a prominent scholar from Dubai who has made
remarks about Abdul Rahman. Hamed Karzai apparently intervened...though it doesn't appear to be
working very well.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance has an interesting post on

Sandmonkey has the translated transcript from the interview with Wafa Sultan on al-Jazeera. Interesting reading.

Tim Blair...
barbecued hatchback anyone?

I forgot to post about the Shabina Begum case. Boris Johnson makes a pertinent
comment about the case.

Lady Hale pointed out that the school had respected cultural and religious diversity by allowing girls to wear a skirt, trousers, or the shalwar kameez, with or without a headscarf. This was a "thoughtful and proportionate response", as shown by the fact that girls were worried that they would come under pressure to wear the jilbab if it had been permitted.

The Daily Ablution
comments some more.

Manic has a
choice word about Mr Charles isn't nice though. Chicken Yoghurt spotted an article in the Independent. Copy here.

Manic is a bit miffed with Tony. Really he is....
time to go he says.

A comment on
probation. You won't like it.

Very British (Political) Subjects notes that Humphrey has

Seeking a Little Truth has an interesting piece about America...specifically....

Bloggerheads has an interesting appears
flying cars have been spotted in Australia. At least two of them.

Edit: Well at least one of the freed hostages is grateful. Canadian James Loney said,

"To the British soldiers who risked their lives to rescue us, to the government of Canada who sent a team to Baghdad to help secure our release, to all those who thought about us and prayed for us, for all those who spoke for us when we had no voice, I am forever and truly grateful," he said. "It's great to be alive."

Apparently they are protesting in Afghanistan because of the potential release of Christian, Abdul Rahman.

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