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Enrico Fermi

March 19, 2006


This was originally supposed to be a short list of articles...indeed the ones below...however, I had to comment on the recent problems of Messr's Blair.

Tony, is in trouble with
loans, amongst other things. Basically the Labour Party are a bunch of corrupt lying bastards....especially when you consider that the party treasurer was kept out of the loop. However, it appears questions are being asked....sounds like John 'Thumper' Prescott is on the warpath. Oh, and trying to abolish Parliament is not working either.

Ian, sorry Sir Ian, is in trouble yet he is about to get a
bonus, despite illegally recording the phone call with the Attorney General as well as all the other problems. I am obviously moving in the wrong circles.

Random articles I have seen.....

Extra strong

Sandmonkey pointed to this
lightsaber duel. Very cool.

Also mentions the
10 strangest Lego creations.

I can't remember who linked to the
future of pizza at the moment.

March for Free Expression

NeanderNews has linked to the colour version of the
Imam's dossier.

here is a list of the top 20 Muslim inventions of all time from Fausta's Blog.....sort of.
Update: Cryptic Subterranean has more.

Comment by Haloscan:



Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said to The MuppetLord...

top20muslim inventions : omg.. maybe the original intention was good, i.e. to show to the mostly-ignorant "West" what Muslims have contributed to the world APART from the recent terrorist acts... but omg, they should have really done some homework! It stinks of half-baked, shoddily researched crap :(

March 20, 2006 9:58 am  
Blogger Ancient Clown said to The MuppetLord...

I like it...excellent site. Here's a little humour you might appreciate.
Cheers, and continue to STAND.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

March 25, 2006 9:20 pm  

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