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February 18, 2006

Going too far...

Ok....give it a rest already. Another protest in London.

Compared to
Libyan protesters setting fire to the Italian Embassy, with 10 being shot dead.

In that same story, a bounty has been offered to 'anyone who kills the Danish cartoonists who drew the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.'

A Pakistani cleric, Maulana Yousef Qureshi, 'speaking from Pehsawar, said he had personally offered to pay a bounty of 500,000 rupees ($8,400) and two of his congregation put up additional rewards of $1m and one million rupees plus a car.'
Pakistani reaction here.

Iranians have been stoning and firebombing the British and German embassies in Tehran.

Hmm...the Nigerians are on the
rampage. At least '"10 churches, some hotels, more than 20 shops and over 10 vehicles were burned by the protesters," one resident told Reuters news agency by telephone.'

'Another resident said "most of the dead were Christians beaten to death on the streets by the rioters", according to the Associated Press news agency.'

Now, does anyone think that Islam is a Religion of Peace at the moment? Anyone?

For pitys sake, they are cartoons.....anyone would think that they are more important than Mohammed's house being bulldozed in Mecca.

You do know cartoons are harmless? Oh, you don't....see the Iranian cartoon contest about the Holocaust.

How many people died in Germany because of the 'Final Solution'? I'm not just talking about Jews, I'm talking about the mentally and physically disabled, the sick, the Gypsies etc.

Lets face it, if there had been any Persians or Muslims there, they would have been slaughtered as well. The Nazis were pretty open to killing anyone that didn't fit the approved ideal.

I mean would you do cartoons about an event of mass murder? Oh well, it was obviously expecting too much for some sort of intelligent reasoned debate.

Hmm...talking of cartoons, here is one called
Gevoelig (this means 'sensitive' in Dutch). It was made by Joep Bertrams, who won an award last year for being the best Dutch political cartoonist of 2005. Link courtesy Michelle Malkin.

Now everyone is taking the mickey...check out
Infinitives Unsplit's take on it using the FSM.

Glorifying it is going to apply to everyone right? So, not just Muslim terrorist types, but also that lot across the water in
Northern Ireland for example right?

Addition: The thing is, there are many out there who are tolerant, friendly, welcoming, hospitable, good people. What I don't understand is where their voice is. Where is the mass condemnation of violence, intolerance etc.? Is it fear? Is it a worry about not being accepted? Excuse me, these...I hesitate to call them people, as people have manners and standards. These 'people' do not care about the rights of others, the laws set down. They are abusing that freedom that they would deny to us. Some of you life here and benefit from that freedom. Would you let them take it away?

Start speaking up!!!

Comment by Haloscan:



Blogger TNChick said to The MuppetLord...

They need to find something better to worry about... really.

February 20, 2006 2:20 am  
Blogger The Pedant-General in Ordinary said to The MuppetLord...


What do you mean "taking the mickey"?

I am quite serious: Heinz Spaghetti Hoops are an abomination. I remain convinced that the FSM (pbuh) only allows these to be produced without interference from his noodly appendage simply to demonstrate what follies we are capable of when we stray from the enlightened path of carbonara.

You are up for a fatwa if you are not careful....


February 20, 2006 10:28 am  
Blogger MuppetLord said to The MuppetLord...

Indeed tnchick.

PGIO - shouldn't it be pbuhna?

February 20, 2006 12:49 pm  
Blogger Joy said to The MuppetLord...

I keep intending to leave comments but find myself nodding my head in agreement. So, here's another head nod.

I'm just glad the cartoons weren't made by an American. It's bad enough we're there as it is.

February 20, 2006 11:59 pm  
Blogger The Pedant-General in Ordinary said to The MuppetLord...

"PGIO - shouldn't it be pbuhna?"

OK, it's a fair cop. pbuhna: I like that a lot. We should suggest that to the guys at FSM.

Thanks for the link.

Toodle Pip!

February 27, 2006 3:02 pm  

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