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February 11, 2006

Those cartoons...and other things

To be honest, the violent over-reaction to the cartoons has now gone on far too long, especially given the dubious nature of the role that the Imams from Denmark played in getting that violent reaction.

I think there is a choice that needs to be made in this matter.

Those moderates who did not really get annoyed over the 12 cartoons, you have to be more vocal. You have to condemn unequivocally the militant elements within your religion. Sitting quietly is not going to sort this out. They are dragging your religion through the dirt, and you don't seem that bothered.

Those elements that don't like freedom of speech, the ability to satirise etc, leave this country, or indeed any other country, and go to a Muslim state of your choice....and stay there.

The various Home Offices of countries across the world should revoke any citizenship or refugee status of the militant types and deport them as soon as possible.

In other news:

Chip & PIN comes in on the 14th here in the UK....why Valentines Day? Anyhow, for those that haven't figured it out yet, read
here. Also check out the Chip & PIN website.

Please note that there is also Chip & Signature for those with certain disablements. Also, if your card doesn't have Chip & PIN, don't worry, you can still use it, your replacement on expiry will have Chip & PIN....don't let any shop fob you off.

Exercise required? Try

Freddie Laker, the pioneer of 'no-frills' travel has died.

Steve Fossett has decided to cross the Atlantic. Check out the
Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer site, and mission control updates here. Good luck!

BBC...political correctness going
too far. I mean it's the Goon Show and other classic programmes....

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