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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

December 28, 2005


The Subway Ghost has died.

Kerry Packer has

It is nearly 4 months since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. However, all the news is about New Orleans. New Orleans was not the only place hit. There are large portions of Mississippi and Alabama that have been affected. Go to Blackfive
here, and the article link here.

It appears that Peter Hain doesn't like the
opposition. Oh well, don't try and provide amnesty for IRA terrorist murderers then.

Burma...has decided to move its you do...see
here (Washington Post - register).

As if trying to redistribute wealth was not the best idea, it appears the Tory party are trying to outdo getting
Bob Geldof to join an advisory group on addition to being on the group that is formulating green policies for the party.

Why did
this happen? Does anyone think Gaza is remotely safe for holidays?

On lighter notes:

Do women really want to know the answer to

Cold weather...really?

Comment by Haloscan:



Blogger puremood said to The MuppetLord...

I think it's sad [and wrong] when one area [like New Orleans] gets way more media coverage and help th an other hard hit areas....'

As far as do women really wanna know that answer. Me? I care less... but most likely don't want the truth LOL

Happy New Year, ML!!

December 31, 2005 9:58 pm  

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