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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

December 29, 2009

Random Chaos that was 2009....not a lot written as you can see....unfortunately the joys of employment do tend to cut into the free time in order to elucidate the imaginings of the now.

However, what have we learned this year, other than to make sure that all luggage was in fact packed by yourself, and that you'd be better off travelling naked...

Ah yes, religion once again has been at the forefront of things....again for all the wrong reasons.....oh well, better luck in the next life yes?

The great imponderable, also known as women are still as unfathomable as ever. Perhaps they should come with a manual....with simple diagrams please.......with arrows and exclamation marks if necessary. Perhaps it is the way they walk yes? But seriously folks, what is with all the antagonism? Have you got nothing better to do? Take a little time to consider the beauty of the female form and of the joy they can bring to the world.

In random news, Rage Against The Machine to UK Christmas #1!! Nice campaign, and yes, MuppetLord did do his bit to get them there. The thing is the press haven't figured out the point. was to make sure an X Factor single didn't get #1 for Christmas. ....job done yes? It had nothing to do with any other week, or indeed any other ulterior motive, although winding Simon Cowell up is always a bonus. Talking of which, what was the deal with giving Joe a song that Miley Cyrus actually had on her current album? Obviously X Factor couldn't write a song for the winner....oh well...perhaps next year right? Side link, shame about the Muppets only getting to deserved better.

Apart from some famous people dying, very little mention of Dan O'Bannion, screenwriter for Alien amongst others.

We're all doomed....that is all...until the next time...

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