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October 29, 2005


Ok, so the Government have passed this what?

This is a strange situation....

Pubs and bars preparing and serving food will be smoke-free - probably from 2007
Restaurants will be smoke-free
Membership clubs will be exempt
‘Non-food’ pubs and bars will be free to choose whether to allow smoking, or
be smoke-free
Smoking in the bar area will be prohibited everywhere, with further consultation to be carried out on the possibility of “discrete smoking rooms or areas to protect staff”
The policy will be monitored and reviewed after three years.

If people are caught smoking then they are fined.

There is a full ban in
Northern Ireland.... their thoughts on the discussion. These are the differences in smoking rules throughout the UK. This is the view in the rest of the world towards smoking.

These are some of the views of the industry -
here, here, and here, taken from the Publican. This is a different reaction from a company in hospitality.

Now, I don't know about you, but doesn't the Government derive an awful lot of revenue from taxes on cigarettes etc? If people don't smoke in premises, then where is the money going to come from....probably motorists...yet again.

Seriously though, can't the government allow the obvious thing? By that, I mean having a separate room with sealed doors, perhaps two sets, as in an airlock. The airlock would be fitted with an appropriate extraction unit.

The 'smoking room' could be at a lower pressure, thereby stopping the smoke from escaping. This would also be fitted with appropriate extraction units of a reasonable number. I don't believe that this is not a reasonable proposal.

In this way, you can have a smoking area, as well as a smoke-free environment for guests in the food areas. The staff would also be working for the most part in a smoke-free environment, except when serving guests in the smoking area.

I think that people have the choice to smoke or not, it isn't up to government to be 'nanny-state' about it. Give the business' the choice.

Just in case you are wondering, I don't smoke, but I know enough people who do. Forcing people to smoke outside is fine when the weather is good...what about the middle of winter?

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Blogger puremood said to The MuppetLord...

I don't like being in smokey places.... but I don't agree with this. Even tho many will love this - because many hate smokers.

I think it's like taking part of your freedom away. What's next, no drinking in bars?

Even tho it's food serving bars, etc... I think they'll loose a lot of biz.

The "smoke room" you described seems OK but I doubt they will go to those lengths and spend the money to do such.

October 30, 2005 1:07 am  
Blogger Tololy said to The MuppetLord...

Interesting post. I think the chances are slim of having something similar done in Jordan, I mean prohibiting smoking in public areas with "that" zeal.
In any case, I do agree with puremood that it does take some of your freedom away. I also think your idea of having special smoking rooms available is good. Keep it up your lordship.

October 30, 2005 2:13 am  
Blogger MuppetLord said to The MuppetLord...

There are pubs that have 'smoking rooms' already. They would effectively have to scrap them if they serve food. It hasn't been thought out properly.

October 30, 2005 1:10 pm  
Blogger gemmak said to The MuppetLord...

As a smoker I agree. I no more want to affect the health or pleasure of anyone else than I want to have my own enjoyment spoilt but there has to be a better solution than the current one. I am more than happy to go outside if the weather is even remotely bearable or to be segregated suitably ( I don't mean in the corner of a restaurant where my smoke will merely drift all over) but I do want a little choice. I may be weak willed, stupid, short sighted etc. etc. but I still deserve a choice provided I don't affect others.

Incidentally the ultimate stupidity here is in hospitals. Having owrked in one I often saw seriously ill patients trailing I.V trolley in their wake to smoke outside in wind/rain/ is that a 'duty of care'?

That that more non smokers had your attitude :o)

November 02, 2005 11:41 pm  
Blogger MuppetLord said to The MuppetLord...

Hmm....well there must be some.

November 03, 2005 10:31 am  
Blogger gemmak said to The MuppetLord...

Few and far between methinks!

November 03, 2005 3:27 pm  

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