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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

October 17, 2005


Campaign for an English Parliament....see here. Why should the Welsh and the Scots have all the fun? Seriously though, why do we not have a say in our own affairs, when you consider that a Scottish MSP can have influence in England. We have no influence up there. I believe it is time for an English Parliament. Tell me why we shouldn't. Thanks to Blues & Twos for spotting the site.

Talking of ponderings...I had a thought. I noticed that there is a
National Black Police Association UK, a Gay Police Officers Association, Christian Police Association, British Association of Women Police, and others yet not the obvious one. Perhaps there are more. Why not? Before anyone loses their rag, think discrimination, and why all these associations actually are discriminatory.

Oh, and hello to the visitors from Greater Manchester Police and West Mercia Police who stopped by for a read.

Actually, I have a question to any Police readers.

What is your impression of the work that the Special Constabulary do in your force (sorry, service), and secondly, what is your impression of the work that the PCSO's or their like do?

I'm intrigued because we hear a lot about them in the press, and I wondered what the Police themselves think. Feel free to let me know...if you want to.

Hmm..talking of pondering....why are the press telling us that
thousands will die because of the bird flu? Has anyone died because of this outbreak? Oh...perhaps millions will kick the bucket...despite 60 actually dying since 2003.

er...can you say BRAINWASHING? FFS, get a grip people. How many thousands die from various diseases every year? Talking of which, what happened to the
CJD epidemic? I think they are getting a little carried away, yes?

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