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June 08, 2005

Late Again!!

Yes, yes, I know....I'm a little behind current events....this is what happens when you are trying to create 3D artwork and it takes over your computer.

Anyhow...congratulations to
Dan Wheldon!! Yes, he has won the Indy 500...the first British win since Graham Hill in 1966!

Crazy Frog has been 2 weeks at #1!! Are you people insane???!?!? It's nearly in the same mold as Mr Blobby and Timmy Mallet ffs!!

As you may or may not know, it is the womens Euro2005 Championship at the moment, being played in the North of England.

5th June
England v Finland : 3-2
Sweden v Denmark : 1-1

6th June
France v Italy : 3-1
Germany v Norway : 1-0

8th June
Denmark v England : 2-1
Sweden v Finland : 0-0

9th June
France v Norway : 1-1
Italy v Germany : 0-4

11th June
England v Sweden : 0-1
Finland v Denmark : 2-1

12th June
Germany v France : 3-0
Norway v Italy : 5-3

15th June
Germany v Finland : 4-1

16th June
Norway v Sweden : 3-2

19th June
Finals - Germany v Norway : 3-1

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