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"It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge."
Enrico Fermi

May 04, 2005

Politics - Elections is the 20th of April as I start this...approximately half way through the campaign...2 weeks to go.

Choice of Liberal Democrats, Labour, Conservative etc. Who will you vote for?

Is it me? I'm sorry, I will not be voting Labour, I do not trust them...why?

I don't think the taxes that are being taken are being appropriately or effectively used. What has your council done for you this past year?
Why will no-one sort out the massive fraud in the benefits system? Cut it back and have millions to spend elsewhere.
What about education? Are children being educated or being used as guinea pigs for the latest teaching fad?
Crime - what is the point of Community Support Officers / Community Wardens? I thought we needed a Police Force (sorry, Police Service) that dealt with criminals and protected the general public.

The armed forces are being drastically reduced just when they are needed the most.
They are not respected by the Labour Party. The men and women of the armed forces need to know that they are being supported, and that they are doing the right thing, and treated as professionals.

Which leads into....the war in Iraq. What reason were the troops sent in for?
WMD's - which are where exactly? No-one has found anything.
The Iraqi people - well they look really happy don't they? Thousands are believed to have died either at the hands of insurgents or the US military.
Terrorist groups - if there weren't any before, they seem to have turned the place into a training camp now. Oh and apparently no-one thought it was a good idea to guard weapons storage areas....
Saddam Hussein - They (the US) supported him for years against the Iranians in a war that killed millions. Was he that much of a threat after Desert Storm, and the continuing operations of bombing which systematically destroyed the armed forces of Iraq?

Now who did we follow....the US.
Why? I have no idea. It seems that there is no apparent reason for going into Iraq originally...will we ever know why?


4/5/05 or 5/4/05 for the confused.

Well...its the big day tomorrow.
Has any of the campaigning made you want to vote? Did it make you want to vote for another party?

If you have the vote, use it! Don't waste the opportunity. If you don't and complain about the result, just think about what 1 vote can do if you do make the effort. Some of the seats are contested by only a few hundred can make a difference.

Vote for the representative that can do the most for your constituency.
Don't vote for what everyone else is voting for....make your own decision.

Remember the voting starts nice and early....7:00am in some places, through to 10:00pm, so you have no excuse for not being able to vote. Make sure you have your voting card!

See you at the booths...or town halls or other locations.

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